Aleph Null

Aleph Null 3.0 is an online, interactive, generative art engine and a tool for creating images and animations that have a unique, can't


Artcontext features a variety of collaborative net artworks, experiments in network creativity that rely on participative visiting artists.


As of 8pm 22.12.99 backspace is closed for good; ending 45 months, 6 days a week of continuous activity, the only non commercial public ac

Every icon

Can a machine produce every possible image? What are the limits of this kind of automation?


Loop was a group learning project from 1998. One web page a day for six weeks. 13 people. 364 pages. Starting from the most basic html getting more complex each day. A collective sketch book.


Mazecorp \Since 1999, the work titled "Mazecorps" is reflecting a maze-like construction which refers to the possible relationships between cinema, poestry, and networking.


"" is a clickable a series of outdated animations, already outdated functions and aesthetics of the "early" Internet circa 2000.


My name is Mouchette
I live in Walla Walla
I am nearly 13 years old
I am an artist
May I invite you ?
Le site existe aussi en Français

Natural Habitat

Natural Habitat is a virtual museum for internet art. Founded in 2019 by Alex Kälin in Zürich, Switzerland.

Risk (study)

A visual risk calculator, monitoring the stock prices of the top ten U.S. weapons manufactuers. Background images feature 60+ corporate boardrooms.

Serial Chillers in Paradise

A year long revolving exhibition of two week solo sites took place in 2009 with accompanying essays by Caitlin Denny and Parker Ito.

Subculture is an autistic web paradise, full of information but stuck in annoyingly repetitive patterns and pop-up screens that are hard to kill.

Technologies To The People (TTTP)

Technologies To The People Foundation is a non-profit-making organization that provides the destitute with access to the new technologies and thus facilitates their entry to the information society

this that now

The works of Rafaël Rozendaal are bold, clever art websites, which he sells to collectors as discrete URLs with the stipulation that they must remain public—the collector's name appears in the brow


This net-art page by Arcángel Constatini, an astonishing rich and original exploration of hyperlink alternatives and interactive oppertunaties.