UpStage is a web-based tool for cyberformance (live online performance).


UBERMORGEN’s research-based practice is driven by a desire to satisfy their own curiosity, without the constraints of having a defined political agenda or preconceived beliefs.

Known as one of the “premiere web sites for net art,” (1996-2016)  commissioned over 220 original Net | Web | Hybrid Art works and hosted over 20 real-time, multi-lo

the wrong

the wrong new digital art biennale is a global event aiming to nurture digital culture today.

what’s the wrong’s mission?

The Thing

THE THING was founded in 1991 by artist Wolfgang Staehle and became a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in September 1998.

Tank TV

Founded by Tank Magazine in 2003 is an online gallery and inspirational showcase of artist's film and video.

SPAMM - SuPer Modern Art Museum

SPAMM The SuPer Modern Art Museum is an international platform for post-Internet artists, an open space for digital creation, a decentralized alternative to the elitism of contemporary art.


In recognition of the pioneering experimental works continually being produced by artists for the internet has been established to provide a space for the exhibition of exciting new w

Runme is a software art repository, launched in January 2003.


The Rhizome ArtBase was founded in 1999 to preserve works of net art that were deemed to be "of potential historical significance." Encompassing a vast range of projects from artists all over the w

Random magazine

This website won't be updated anymore, but the archive (2001-2011) stays online.


Laboratoire des arts numériques, électroniques et médiatiques. C’est-à-dire un lieu de pensée, d'observation, d'étude, d'expérimentation, de fabrication et de recherche pour l'art...


Neural is a printed magazine established in 1993 dealing with new media art, electronic music and hacktivism.


Documentation of selected internet-based artworks by recording users in front of their screens as they interact with the work. 

Net-Art IT, the first Italian art network, online since 1995. The website is under whole upgrade and some sections and services are not active at this time.

Natural Habitat

Natural Habitat is a virtual museum for internet art. Founded in 2019 by Alex Kälin in Zürich, Switzerland.


Monoskop is a wiki for collaborative studies of the arts, media and humanities.

Medien Kunst Netz / Media Arts Net

Introducing a range of topics related to media and art, «Media Art Net» aims at establishing an Internet structure that offers highly qualified content by granting free access at the same time.


Ljubljana Digital Media Lab or Ljudmila, is an open-access digital media laboratory that aims to connect artists and NGOs with new


"IRATIONAL.ORG is an international system for deploying "irational" information, services and products for the displaced and roaming.


Founded in 1994 by Grégory Chatonsky and Karen Dermineur, is one of the first groups of French artists to work on the Internet and digital arts practices .

IAAA Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam

The Institute of Artificial Art is an independent organisation consisting of machines, computers, algorithms and human persons, who work together toward the complete automatization of art productio


CTheory is an electronic academic journal published since 1996.


Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss. CRUMB aims to help those who 'exhibit' new media art, including curators, technicians and artists.


BrowserBased is partly a material / technically oriented platform dealing with the browser based context as well as a net-culture knowledge base.

Born - fifteen year of art and literature

From 1996 until its retirement in 2011, Born connected over 900 contributors, generating an extraordinary record of collaboration between literary arts and multimedia.


Founded in 1995, The Hyper-X Online gallery exhibits cutting-edge net art, digital narrative, and experiential codework.


blinkvideo is a professional website for research of video art, performance and multimedia installations.


As of 8pm 22.12.99 backspace is closed for good; ending 45 months, 6 days a week of continuous activity, the only non commercial public ac

ArtFem TV

ArtFem.TV is an online television programme presenting Art and Feminism.


Antechamber is the digital extension of Gossamer Fog, featuring new web based and downloadable projects by commissioned artists.

> ¿netart or notart? <

A database of Latin-American net artists. Edited by Brian Mackern.

n|e|t|a|r|t|_|l|a|t|i|n|o| |d|a|t|a|b|a|s|e