The Plain Text Players

The Plaintext Players were an online performance (or "cyberpformance") group specializing in directed textual improvisations. Along with a few other groups, they jumped in early with the idea that writing could be a fascinating form of performance, and that writers need not be restricted always to the fixed, edited final text as a mode of production.

The Players have been creating live online and mixed-reality performances since 1994, working with a core group of members and a rotating roster of guest artists.


UpStage is a web-based tool for cyberformance (live online performance). Since its launch in January 2004, six international online festivals of cyberformance have been held in UpStage and many other events, performances, workshops and so on have taken place. As of 2017, UpStage is being completely rebuilt in order to take advantage of and be compatible with current technologies.