Non-fungible identities


Non-fungible identities is an art project about "artificial intelligence", art capitalism and human identities.
Every day, the website generates a new human identity using various algorithms and neural networks. This human identity is for sale in the form of a limited edition graphic design poster. The identity is given a name, a birthday, a backstory, a gender identity as well as sexuality by utilizing various algorithms and neural networks.

The first identity was set for sale on December 12th, 2021, and there will only ever be sold 1,500 posters on the site. Prices will progressively increase as we come closer and closer to the final poster, mimicking how things tend to be priced in market economies. When a new identity is generated, the previous one is deleted from the  database within 7 days. In other words, if no one buys a poster, the identity no longer exists neither digitally nor physically.

Through its concept, the project asks questions about how computers understand human identities? What meaning do they attribute to gender, sexuality, age, names and stories?  Likewise, it seeks to explore the nature of uniqueness in an age of NFTs and ubiquitous digital archives.

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