Human Readable Messages Mezangelle

Mez Breeze developed, and continues to write in, the hybrid language mezangelle. Her unorthodox use of language demonstrates the ubiquity of digitization and the intersections of the digital and the real that are increasingly common in 21st century life. As well as creating static literary texts using mezangelle, Breeze also creates multi-disciplinary multimedia works online, and participates in online happenings that blur the lines between on- and off-line behavior.


Artcontext features a variety of collaborative net artworks, experiments in network creativity that rely on participative visiting artists. A hybrid of telecommunication software and concept art, Artcontext is focused on the aesthetics and politics of collaborative media. Within Artcontext people can behave creatively, cooperatively or destructively; communicating and, at the same time, substantially modifying and revising what will be the experience of the site for future visitors.

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Loop was a group learning project from 1998. One web page a day for six weeks. 13 people. 364 pages. Starting from the most basic html getting more complex each day. A collective sketch book. A space for ideas.
A resource for other people. A learning process. Based in Woolwich in South London. The whole project ran from 8th June 1998 to 22nd July 1998.

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Mazecorp \Since 1999, the work titled "Mazecorps" is reflecting a maze-like construction which refers to the possible relationships between cinema, poestry, and networking. That maze has four starting points, encoded by terms representing witnesses of arbitrary arrests. : "à présent - une arrestation - au matin - une mémoire" ("by now - an arrest - in the morning - a memory"). The arbitrary arrest of the photographic act is noticed for photographies are the key elements of mazecorps' story.


cachemonet is an exploration into the serendipitous collisions that occur between two randomly generated arrays. the arrays contain a mix of custom and found .gifs sourced from tumblr and are set to music. the output is autonomous, generative, art made possible through curation & code.


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Poietic Generator

Poietic Generator a Contemplative Social Network Experiment, since 1986. Every player draws on a small part of a global mosaic formed by the dynamic juxtaposition of those parts, which are manipulated by all the participants (eventually it will be possible for several thousand players to play simultaneously). Every player can therefore change the sign in his/her square, depending on the overall state of the image, which itself depends on the actions of all the individual players.

The Plain Text Players

The Plaintext Players were an online performance (or "cyberpformance") group specializing in directed textual improvisations. Along with a few other groups, they jumped in early with the idea that writing could be a fascinating form of performance, and that writers need not be restricted always to the fixed, edited final text as a mode of production.

The Players have been creating live online and mixed-reality performances since 1994, working with a core group of members and a rotating roster of guest artists.


Dollspace is a web environment, a labyrinth for doll and her orphan words to haunt. Slowly it is shape shifting into a new work,'a smear of roses.'  This fictional hypertext contains several hundred pages which are displayed ni various textual fragments, reproductions of e-mails sent by the characters, images and photographs. Doll Yoko, the central figure of Doll Space , is an imaginary character, half dreamed, half real, both dead and alive: a ghost.


This net-art page by Arcángel Constatini, an astonishing rich and original exploration of hyperlink alternatives and interactive oppertunaties. Arcángel Constantini explores a wide range of media and alternative resources to fuse his ideas and concepts, both in the context of concrete objects and digital processes which include the exploration of sound and noise performance, as well as the art of hacking. He is obsessed with all types of objects and their re-contextualization in temporal spaces, and reconsiders their aesthetics and connections to questions about our existence.

A is for Apple

A is for Apple is a flash website project that uses the hypertext linking of interactive work to investigate a cryptography or hermeneutics of the apple. Using a series of associative links, the work looks for hidden meanings, coincidences, and insights that stem from the apple.  The image of the apple leads to references and ideas borrowing from western metaphysics, popular culture, the history of cryptography, ideas of language, and psychoanalysis. The piece was constructed using the paradigm of collage. First paper collages were made that became the basis for Photoshop images.

Dream 7

Dream7 is a net art piece which purposefully lingers in a state of precognition. Using icons, signs, words, sounds, and symbols Dream7 creates sense impressions that attempt to communicate with the viewer on an almost unconscious level. Dream7's pre-cognitive pieces are not random noise. The narrative slices/trajectories and the vague pictorial objects are purposefully assembled as to evoke a sense impressionistic response.

Museum of Rumour

The Museum of Rumour presents ongoing 'pataphysical research into the study of rumour. It uses a sort of 'gay science' of multiple and contrary theories - from the physics of motion to the surface tension of surfaces to the theory of six degrees of separation.

In particular the museum charts the uncanny connections of the so-called 'small world effect' by mapping the intersections of rumours through the nodal point of Gertrude Stein a well known figure of rumour.

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Ghost City

Ghost City is a website that was begun in 1997. It is a virtual city that has become an archive of changing web technologies. It explores the capacity of mediated images to trigger memory and reverie. Ghost City focuses on the representation of the city by the mass media. It uses the space of the web as a sculptural space, allowing viewers to interact with animated graphics to delve deeper and deeper into an imaginary city.

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Windows 93

Windows 93: a playfully surreal online simulator of a computer operating system that is aesthetically similar to Windows 95. The in-browser OS features solitaire, a virtual desktop girl, infuriating pop-up windows that constantly multiply, a musical defrag utility.

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Every icon

Can a machine produce every possible image? What are the limits of this kind of automation? Is it possible to practice image making by exploring all of image-space using a computer rather than by recording from the world around us? What does it mean that one may discover visual imagery so detached from "nature"? (from: artist statement)


A series of artworks based on sensing the environment. The results are the visualisation and sonification of real time spaces.

Sensity artworks are made from the data that is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure. The sensors interpret the micro-data of the interactive city. The output from the sensors display the "emotional" state of the city online in real time and the information is also used to create offline installations and sculptural artworks.

Several artworks have been made, and several new physical cities are in development for 2009.


Shu Lea Cheang’s BRANDON from 1998-99 is a recently conserved interactive journey that both reconstitutes and speculates upon an ‘all American’ road trip and is inspired by the tragic true story of Brandon Teena, a trans* teenager who was raped and murdered after being ‘outed’. Brandon is a multifaceted web project that uses the nonlinear and participatory nature of the Internet as a means to explore and illuminate Brandon Teena’s tragic story.


"An experimental website, using randomly generated ASCII art and Javascript. Jodi uses the browser to dissolve the configuration of ASCII elements with a figurative contour on the level of the source code into an irritating sequence of signs: lines, dashes, points and cyphers in repeating sequences and variations." —Thomas Dehrer «History of Computer Art»

Bodies INCorporated

Bodies INCorporated is an investigation into social psychology and group dynamics, actualized in corporate structure. It is a collaborative project on many levels, from the team of artists implementing it, to the actively participating audience attempting to gain shares in the body of work. At surface, Bodies INCorporated is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on some of the more obvious contradictions of corporate culture, particularly for those working with art and technology.


And that everything one day, an hour, one letter, or one word will be over and just cannot ever be over. A net-art piece by Group Z(Belgium).

LOVE consists of 7 series of 7 pages. They are linked together in an interface that lets you navigate from page to page in 5 directions. From almost every page you can reach 5 other pages. And yet it is not easy to reach all 49 of them. Like in real life, LOVE sometimes stops when you don't expect it to.

vISual CHaoS

Visual Chaos is a short web work that that explores the idea of chaos on the web. It uses the space of the web as a sculptural space, allowing viewers to interact with animated graphics to delve deeper and deeper into an imaginary city. The images are culled from various print media sources. The texts are either found passages from urban theory or specifically written poetic musings on the city. The site explores ideas relating to an abstracted idea of the city. The images depict shadows and bodies. It explores the ideas of being swallowed by the city.

The Doorman [passing]

"The doorman" is an interactive, 'photo-cinematic' flash piece, created with documentary photos of the subject shot over two months. Like insert-cuts in films, the sequences can be played over time and arranged in your mind.

A doorman spends his days in the dark of his lodge. His chair gives onto a wall at one corner of the entrance hall. He cannot have an entire view unless he stands on the sill of his porter's office window.
Like the doorman of a theatre who cannot enjoy the show, the doorman sits in his lodge, just witnessing other people passing by.

Bakteria is on>line si/nce 1997, em_i>gra/ting to his new Do/main Zin.ce 99, ThoU>ZandZ of Mon-thly ViZ.itZ. Arcangel iZ KonZ.tanTly Pro>duZing new CharaKters, Kolla>bora_ting /with/ o.ther im>por{tant muZi.cians from the Kontem/poRa>ry Ele/KtroNiK”Z Zcen//e in MeXico.

Project - Euh?

Confusion is art and confusion is finding yourself at, possibly the most confusing place in the known universe. Click on the big “Euh?” in the middle of the page and be forwarded to one of many confusing pages. There is even a page where you can send your enemy a bullet with his name on it, he will be left very confused, as will you.

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The World of Awe - a travelers tale

Salvaged off a laptop, World of Awe 1.0 contains the journal of a traveler in search of a lost treasure. Navigate through personal love letters, log entries and detailed descriptions of the unusual navigation tools. The interface appears like a damaged desktop but it;s not. It's just odd. Patience helps.

Through a portal on 419 East 6th street in Manhattan, a traveler crosses into the parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise, to search for a lost treasure.

The cyber-kitchen

'the cyber-kitchen' is aimed at building a collaborative net.installation with its starting point in the cyber-domestic aesthetic. Currently there are 62 globally based artists involved in this on-going project. Artists are invited to submit proposals and work for inclusion in the cyber-kitchen.


A seemingly void, monochrome white surface is all it shows; and frustrates the viewer with a mouse cursor, which is difficult to locate, to control and direct, as isolated potential ‘facts’ pop up in interaction with the cursor : appearing but distorted, head-over and uncomfortably remote, as if projected onto the reverse side of the computer screen. Accumulating alternative facts are accompanied by outbursts of sound and bustle, only to be quenched and extinguished shortly afterwards.


 / unstable /, 2017 is an intuitive 'game' without rules. Again, it confronts the viewer with nothing more than an ‘empty’, white display; and with a cursor that is uncomfortably vague, inconsistent and difficult to locate.

Breitbart Blue

Comfort culture is back and we’ve got the hoodies to prove it. The intention is to support young men constructing their identity.

And now jumper season is here – and we could not be more excited.

Style is crucial! You have to look hip, sexy, dangerous and appealing, that means you have to go to the gym.

This generation has multiple kinds of identities and styles and they master multiple ways to enter in and out of scenes.


My name is Mouchette
I live in Walla Walla
I am nearly 13 years old
I am an artist
May I invite you ?
Le site existe aussi en Français
My next mood is... (reload)

Mouchette is the fictional, personal online diary of a 13-year-old girl focused on suicide, loneliness, death, and violence, with frequent sexual overtones.

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WOPPOW - rash color bullet chic models penetrated by bullets!


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River the Net

River The Net (, [first conceived as Project Ten back in April] you can upload a ten second or less clip, anonymously, and you have the option of giving that video three tags. When you go to the website, there's no interface, you're immediately confronted with a video playing full-screen. It picks a tag randomly, and follows that tag. Basically, it creates a situation where there's a movie made by everyone and the plot arc is the life of a tag.

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Moments of Inertia

The score for this piece consists of a series of twelve short works for violin and electronics written using algorithmic techniques derived from different mathematical equations in which moments of inertia play a role. Written with the unique talents and musical voice of Todd Reynolds in mind, the piece makes extensive use of delays and looping, with the electronic textures drawn hermetically from the sound of the violin during the performance.

The Folksomy project

JODI's ongoing performance project, The Folksomy Project, takes YouTube as source material, with the artists utilizing custom software to select and manipulate user-generated videos from the popular website. Armed with a virtual "juke-box" of video clips, JODI focuses on YouTube users love-hate relationship with new technologies, from iPod love ballads to laptop smashing. As with much of JODI's work, The Folksomy Project is a study in how online systems (dis)function.

No man's land

In her project 'No Men's Land' cym tries to capture something of the rapid changes that are happening to the borders in Central Europe. Since 1995 cym is traveling regularly between the former West- and East-European countries and she has followed the so-called 'opening of the borders' very closely. In her project 'No Men's Land' she is following the main border that used to divide Europe in East and West.

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Project being ephemeral variation placed in time and net space. Return to existing localisations, reorganise structures and navigational contexts creates changing environment, unstable in their news character, imitating informational tissue of net. Virtuality, hypertextual, ephemeral, interaction, digital aesthetics, activism.

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"FUJI spaces and other places" by Nurit Bar-Shai Appropriating, processing, and interweaving several existing webcam feeds of Mount Fuji, "FUJI" is a durational piece for four seasons. "FUJI" examinesthe authenticity of networked, spatiotemporal experiences of distant nature, sacred sites, and sacred icons. The overwhelming immediacy and delirious variety of live broadcasts available via the Internet, as well as the current incitement to communicate with distant but real subjects alter our experience of space which is invariably mediated through images.


Tired of racking your brain trying to squeeze out yet another artist's statement extolling the unique virtues of your latest joint? Do you lapse into fits of involuntary muscle spasms every time you hear the word "immersive" in casual conversation? Then search no further -- The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] is here! Just fill in the blanks below, hit the "Crank Out the Crap" button, email the results to your nearest digital arts festival jury panel, then sit back and enjoy a well-earned coffee break!


HTML-based work of a banal 'interactive' day. Building The Simulator is an attempt at accenting and exploring the edge between the simulacrum of the internet and banal physical existence. By reverting physicalness into digital space, one is alerted discrepancies between physical and digital existence. Physical concepts of linear time and space - when re-created in digital format - seem odd or humorous. Writing, working, and physically relaxing do not translate literally into a digital realm. The attempt to do so, however, makes the parallax between the two noticeable.

Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream: this is the website for the movie "Reguiem for a Dream". The site is mocking the screaming imagery of commercial websites. At first the visitor is mislead by the commercial interface that seems to fall apart, after that the background info about the movie is presented...

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Axis of Life

The bloody Axis of life will take you with the help of Hitchcock , the partisans and the nazi collaborators domobrans to the ex-Yugoslavian territory. With Frantisek Cap, once Czech film director and his Slovenian film production Moments of decisions, be my guest, take a lift to the reconstructed Eisenstein or to the dead fields of the present - to Vukovar, the Croatian ghost city near the Serbian border.

No content

by Brian Mackern

Reflection-concept about content/no-content: A random gallery of preloaders that announces the data-loading of the site It is, simultaneously, an aesthetic investigation on the creation of reactive-interactive objects and random audio surroundings, within the boundaries of minimum bytes possible.

Net-art generator

The generator is a computer program which collects and recombines material from the Internet to create a new website or a new image. The WWW-interface of the easy-to-use program requires the user to enter a title which then functions as the search term, and to enter a name as author. The resulting images and websites are stored online in an archive from where recent results can be downloaded. The complete archive is only available to the artist. Since 1997 five different versions of the generator have been realized in collaboration with seven programers: nag_01 to nag_05.


Gridcosm is a collaborative art project in which artists from around the world contribute images to a compounding series of graphical squares. Each level of Gridcosm is made up of nine square images arranged into a 3x3 grid. The middle image is a one-third size version of the previous level. Artists add images around that center image until a new 3x3 grid is completed, then that level itself shrinks and becomes the "seed" for the next level.

Please Change Belief

"Please Change Belief" is a project built for the World Wide Web which consists of several sections (be prepared to explore a bit to figure out how it works and how to navigate the site). It was done in association with í_da'web, an experimental site now sponsored by the Walker Art Center.

There is a nod to interactivity in that you can take Holzer's truisms and "improve" them or replace them with your own. Unfortunately, this doesn't modify the basic exhibit, but simply adds the new slogans to a list which can be viewed separately.


Astonishing flash visuals by Ronald Wisse, a dutch digital creative operating under the name visualdata since 1998. Functioning either fully independent or free-lance for design agencies, the main focus is on interaction design, graphic design and web development, with a strong tendency toward unconventional and outside-the-box design solutions.

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FILMTEXT 2.0 is an experimental digital narrative that blends the conventions of videogames with media theory. The protagonist of FILMTEXT 2.0, known as the digital thoughtographer, navigates through landscapes of digital information.

Players may assume this role or tag along as 'metatourist.' The intense soundtrack was created by Amerika with the sound artist Twine, and is finely tuned to the interactions of the user. America also collaborated with Flash developer John Vega.

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The output of a San Francisco based graphic designer using DHTML. The site consists of a maze of inter-linked visual, conceptual "subprojects" ranging from two-tone and technical-looking to wacky, colorful, and even bizarre. Subprojects can have clickable elements linked to other pages within that subproject, or to another. Some of the pages contain narrative elements. There are 143 different pages (and still more coming).


Jodi pioneered Web art in the mid-1990s. Jodi were among the first artists to investigate and subvert conventions of the Internet, computer programs and video and computer games. Radically disrupting the language of these systems, including interfaces, commands, errors and code, JODI stages extreme digital interventions that destabilize the relationship between computer technology and its users.



The six works presented in "Oulipoems" range from poems, to poetry games, to tools for writing poetry. They are inspired by the Oulipo movement, a French literary movement which combines writing and mathematics. Members of the Oulipo create works of literature that are governed by rules ("constraints"). For example, all words might have to contain only the vowel 'e' or words might be spelled phonetically.

Le Nu / The Nude

The naked body as artistic subject. The French site presents a series of artistic examinations of the body in a digital context. Several warning systems will ring bells about the content of this site.


"Qrime is a set of short animations created in part to be shown on the web and some others now modified to be seen as short animations in video. Qrime series express our particular view of the roll of violence in the society and its manifold relationship to human nature. Considering that many of the fundamental motives behind the social problematic of violence in primitive societies seem to be still effective in our times.

The Secret & The Wolf

In the Secret & The Wolf we enter a world of a dandily dressed wolf and his secret diary.

Myron Campbell is an artist and designer who is interested in ideas of consciousness and the subconscious, dream states and fairy tales. He uses painting, drawing, digital art, sound art, collage and 2D animation to explore and create his visions.

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Fuzzy Dreamz

A project from fear to fun, drama, love, desire and a sense of wonder. The moving images, soundtrack and voices are forming a 'psycho-geography of dreams'. Work in progress since 1996. Artist's statement: In our minds we have private virtual museums, silent places for our memories, imagination and dreams - a provocative linking of nightmares and fuzzy logic.



gif_me_a_break is a web-work consisting of multiple versions of interactive, interlinked abstract and social commentary gif animations resulting in audio-visual noise drones. A perfect platform for drowning in the infowars of constant flash-ups of whatever-news, where the like-ers and followers are nicely squeezed into sleek ad infested timelines, all cleverly packaged for the maximum result off mass-infiltration, mass-exploitation, mass-surveillance, chronic disorientation, perseptive-overload, online addiction and the propagation of the fake as real and the real as fake.


NIESATT observes the obsessions and addictions to the digitalized world of people nowadays, having lost their connection to nature and becoming victims of them selfs for ignoring environmental and political issues in favor of their own personal gain.

NIESATT no place to rest.

NIESATT visual chaos within parallel worlds of interconnectedness.

NIESATT abstracted ideas of man in its selfcreated environment.

NIESATT never full never enough never satisfied


1n-0ut [meditation]

aleilissa is back il y a un instant even in plaisir my ghost empire alone for train music ipsolute abstraction novel hourly trip aleilissa impossible d̩fiance al color zero reflexion a donna pax absolut for mi lovi girl vaseline tract isole deux mots dora marr douce & sombre po̩sie gang-stereotype roudoudou eat my brain cut this one propaganda for world civilisation succes destructed . -- . ~

1n-0ut [meditation] ~ 030130 å© Jimpunk


"Playdamage org is an abstract multi-sensory journal exploring the parameters of visceral, pre-cognitive expression. Really, it's just a place where I can play around and break things without having to explain why." Curt Cloninger

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World of female avatars

World of female avatars is a project for expanded understanding of women and their relation to their body. By using the internet as an artistic survey media as many different entries from different cultures as possible will be collected. The public call for female body pictures and text with personal statements about the body is going to be presented at this net art project. The submitted pictures are used for a digital collage to create new bodies - The avatars of female body, which will live in the cyber World of female avatars from now on.


Play-lets is a project for the web by Conor McGarrigle which explores the structure and nature of memory. It is based on the writings of psychologist August Klein and on the deconstructed memories of artist Arthur X. Doyle.

Playlets "are mini episodes which form the structure of memory, they act like navigation aids for the brain with each one pointing to memories from a specific period of time, enabling the mind to recall memories in a time context." August Klein.


project_.f.reeP_ project by .-_-.  Battleship Potemkin is a 1925 silent film by Sergei Eisentein, which is in public domain now. For re_potemkin project, Sergei Eisenstein's film 'Battleship Potemkin' was re-produced by 105 students of Yildiz Technical University, faculty of art and design, Basic Design course during December 2006 and January 2007 in 15 groups, following the original shots of Eisenstein using crowdsourcing model. Original script was translated to Turkish from Russian original and English translations.

The Big Plot

The Big Plot is a romantic spy-story played into infosphere. It looks at the role of espionage in intrusions into people's internet lives, the dysfunctional sociality that is being created by media communications and the political exploitation of social networks.


The site is a collection of animated DHTML pages, stitched together, to reload and refresh randomly into each other. Fullscreen compositions melts into another; images swarm literally across your screen, stretching and narrowing. It is as if a pop up virus has taken over your computer completely, opening and closing windows seemingly at random. Browser poetry.

Be aware! Launch project


Macroporno - microporno
porno es negativo sex,

net art,, feminist, erotic, porno, microporno, media sex, erotico, sexo, cuestionamiento, noise, ruido, net art erotico, pornografia

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Who is dreaming? The user, or the Internet itself? In a certain way, both. "Dreamlines is a non-linear, interactive visual experience. The user enters one or more words that define the subject of a dream he would like to dream. The system looks in the Web for images related to those words, and takes them as input to generate an ambiguous painting, in perpetual change, where elements fuse into one another, in a process analogous to memory and free association.

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Medialounge (aka sign69) cybermind designs. channeling recreational synthesis in unified fields of consciousness. A continuing archive of randomised animation loops started in 1991 which intends to create unpredictable juxtapositions: the greatest story ever told. spam = maps. broken fractals. eye candy. j'ach̬te de moins en moins le journal ...

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The Central City and other related works.

THE CENTRAL Stanza. Welcome to The Central City (Version 3...2001), an interactive art and text piece with embedded sounds, made as a piece of internet art, for online viewing. Please be patient and wait for files to download and enjoy your trip. There are now over 30 areas of the Central City , and each area has lots of things within each section so chances are you won't find everything. (IN TOTAL OVER 200 MOVIES some movies can only be found by clicking through areas).

88 Constellations for Wittgenstein: (to be played by the left hand)

David Clark: “88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be played with the Left Hand) is an interactive, non-linear piece that explores the life and philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein through a series of animated vignettes created in Flash. Each of the 88 sections corresponds to one of the 88 constellations in the night sky.


Mark Napier’s Riot is an alternative, "cross-content" Web browser. Like its real-world namesake, Riot disrupts the accepted rules of property and exposes the fragility of territorial boundaries. Inspired by the clashing classes and ideologies of New York's Lower East Side, Napier created a software "melting pot," a blender that mixes Web pages from separate domains into one browser window. The basic functionality of Riot is still rooted in traditional browser conventions: you surf the Web by entering a URL into the location bar, or by selecting from bookmarks.


San Francisco | CA | December 2000
Today's software and rapidly increasing bandwidth capabilities enable new ways of experiencing the Internet. One of the ways in which this is explored is in the concept of NET.FILM. NET.FILM relies on the motion picture language in displaying the online content. Launch project




ponic growth sediment pods; etheric cycling; astral healing routines...

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy are collaborators who reside in New York City. In 1997, at the invitation of The Thing, New York, they produced a large-scale net art site entitled MAINTENANCE WEB , made in collaboration with Torsten Burns. This project explored themes of tedium and endless maintenance--situations that technological process can engender.

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Spook... is a distributed web based artwork which explores issues of surveillance, tracking and covert activity on the web in an interactive website based on the conventions of computer games.

On June 1st 1999 an unusual pattern of hits was noticed on the Stunned ArtZine server. Stunned ArtZine a contemporary visual art site does not normally receive a large number of hits from military sites yet unusual activity from a military server known by the identifier "" was logged.

Net-art generator

Nowadays, work is placed on a level with duty, compulsion, obedience, conformity, monotony and exploitation, but scarcely with a 'practice of creative enjoyment' of (Negri/Hardt). Even day-to-day art production bears few signs of this creative pleasure, being characterized more by requirements and deadlines. The ' generator' offers one way out of the rat-race: automized art production. Artists save valuable time and energy.

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Geoffrey Lillemon (1981 USA) brings a classic romantic painting and drawing style to technology to reinterpret artistic practice. As one of the leading artists of the Net Art Movement, Lillemon has consistently foregrounded the interplay between the digital and physical world in his work, blending the traditional mediums with interactive animation that responds to human touch, brainwaves, and even heartbeats.


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Jodi's SOD is a modification of the game Wolfenstein. You can actually attempt to play the game, but everything is scrampled. SOD is a modification or "hack" of id Software’s action game Wolfenstein 3D. The goal is to escape from a Nazi dungeon.

Nobody here

A blog reconfigured as an interactive experience, Nobody Here. The viewer is invited to play, though the goofy fun of the interactive elements is balanced by the emotional weight of the writing. Visitors can also choose an insect icon to represent themselves, then leave comments on individual pages. If you encounter Herman the hermit crab, try shaking him out of his shell.

I am Frank: the Metamemetic Magibon Stalker

A creepy Magibon fan site It claims to have been created by an obsessive fan named Frank and features a grainy black & white video of a masked man clutching at a wall with Magibon projected on it. Some people speculated that Frank and Magibon were part of an elaborate marketing campaign for a Japanese horror movie, but it turned that Frank was just a viral hoax created by a digital media artist named Danung.

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Expunction: memory is there to deceive.

Expunction: memory is there to deceive. Expunction is a project by mobile Internet communicator Igor Štromajer. Between 11 May and 16 June 2011, Štromajer, a pioneer of net art both in Slovenia and worldwide, ritually deleted a number of his classical net art works produced between 1996 and 2007. He expunged one net art project per day, permanently deleting it from his online server, so that the projects are no longer available at the Intima Virtual Base.

Loaded 5x

we are always waiting for the big
event that will change our lives forever --
not to make our lives a paradise,
but to give us direction, to find out what
our mission is, what is worth struggling for.
we are a nation in search of a frontier,
and without one we are overwhelmed
by anxiety.

Loaded 5x


"There was this art website called that had no public access. In February ’99 Rhizome subscribers received an invitation and password to see the new exhibition. During the opening we copied the whole show and published it on our website without restrictions. Our action upset and lead to a cease-and-desist request. While recently ceased to exist, our version remained visible ever since."

0100101110101101.ORG, Copies


Beyond is a mysterious virtual world. In a playful spirit of philosophical inquiry, it explores the paradoxes of technology, desire, and the paranormal posed since the birth of mechanical reproduction; the phonograph severing the voice from the body, photography capturing the soul and cinema resurrecting the dead. Instructions: - Drag your mouse to the left or right to move around a panorama.

- To move from one place to another, hover the mouse over different objects. When the cursor changes to a hand, you are over a hot spot. - Click on a hotspot to explore.

Body Anxiety

Body Anxiety shares the varied perspectives of artists who examine gendered embodiment, performance and self-representation on the internet.

Throughout art and film history, the female body and nude has been an ongoing subject in male-authored work. More often than not, the woman’s body is capitalized on in these works while their voice is muted. From the Seventies onwards, female artists employed video and performance to reclaim their bodies from this art historical trajectory.


Operation Troll the NSA ain't got nothin' on this cypherpunk application. Carlos Sáez and Anthony Antonellis invite you to fracture your online presence and fry the eyes of Big Brother by oversharing a random sampling of trigger words via email or via social media. You might get gagged and Gitmo'd away from your apartment, but at least you'll have a new follower thanks to


it's doing it / it did it

It’s doing it is an online group exhibition of computer generated images that autonomously updates on a daily basis over the course of 45 days. All of the works in the show are instruction-based artworks expressed through computer programs written by the artists. These programs generate new images once daily that can be viewed on the website. Each instantiation of the show, while being similar to the previous and following ones, is unique, emphasizing the expressive, data-driven, and intelligent possibilities of randomness for art creation in the context of the digital.

Indirect flights

Indirect Flights, a new online work by Joe Hamilton with sound by J.G. Biberkopf and supported by The Moving Museum, is a sprawling landscape of layered images. Raw materials, satellite images, organic textures, brush strokes and architectural fragments are all blended together into a dense panorama extending in all directions. As you pan across the terrain like Google Maps the layers move at different speeds giving the illusion of depth, constantly changing what is hidden and exposed.

Cameron’s World

“Cameron’s World,” built by Berlin-based designer Cameron Askin, is a frenetic web-collage created as “a love letter to the internet of old.” Divided into thematic rows of over 700 images Askin sourced from archived pages, the website is a well-organized gallery exploding with decades-old browser detritus composed of blinking texts, animated pictorial cursors, MIDI files, and cheesy GIFs.

I Am Aware of Your Private Life

What creates a portrait of a person now? Probably pictures stored on personal devices. This website has been made as a part of a project the aim of which is to create a collective portrait of users. As soon as there will be enough submissions an artwork will be made and published on this website as well. You are invited to make your contribution now. All is needed is just a picture. (project is abandoned)