I am Frank: the Metamemetic Magibon Stalker

A creepy Magibon fan site Magibon.com It claims to have been created by an obsessive fan named Frank and features a grainy black & white video of a masked man clutching at a wall with Magibon projected on it. Some people speculated that Frank and Magibon were part of an elaborate marketing campaign for a Japanese horror movie, but it turned that Frank was just a viral hoax created by a digital media artist named Danung.

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My name is Mouchette
I live in Walla Walla
I am nearly 13 years old
I am an artist
May I invite you ?
Le site existe aussi en Français
My next mood is... (reload)

Mouchette is the fictional, personal online diary of a 13-year-old girl focused on suicide, loneliness, death, and violence, with frequent sexual overtones.

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Mark Napier’s Riot is an alternative, "cross-content" Web browser. Like its real-world namesake, Riot disrupts the accepted rules of property and exposes the fragility of territorial boundaries. Inspired by the clashing classes and ideologies of New York's Lower East Side, Napier created a software "melting pot," a blender that mixes Web pages from separate domains into one browser window. The basic functionality of Riot is still rooted in traditional browser conventions: you surf the Web by entering a URL into the location bar, or by selecting from bookmarks.

Windows 93

Windows 93: a playfully surreal online simulator of a computer operating system that is aesthetically similar to Windows 95. The in-browser OS features solitaire, a virtual desktop girl, infuriating pop-up windows that constantly multiply, a musical defrag utility.

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