FILMTEXT 2.0 is an experimental digital narrative that blends the conventions of videogames with media theory. The protagonist of FILMTEXT 2.0, known as the digital thoughtographer, navigates through landscapes of digital information.

Players may assume this role or tag along as 'metatourist.' The intense soundtrack was created by Amerika with the sound artist Twine, and is finely tuned to the interactions of the user. America also collaborated with Flash developer John Vega.

Launch project

How To Be An Internet Artist

The world's first conceptual art ebook, "How To Be An Internet Artist" is an eclectic mix of new media fictions that explore many of the themes generated in Amerika's internationally-exhibited net art, including hypertextual consciousness, cyborg-narrators, reality hacking, and the process of creating on-the-fly narratives via an ongoing practice of surf-sample-manipulate. As one of the net art characters in the ebook says, "I am what I am: a new revenue stream model, a marketable skills-set, a diverse portfolio of intellectual capital.