Museum of Rumour

The Museum of Rumour presents ongoing 'pataphysical research into the study of rumour. It uses a sort of 'gay science' of multiple and contrary theories - from the physics of motion to the surface tension of surfaces to the theory of six degrees of separation.

In particular the museum charts the uncanny connections of the so-called 'small world effect' by mapping the intersections of rumours through the nodal point of Gertrude Stein a well known figure of rumour.

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Known as one of the “premiere web sites for net art,” (1996-2016)  commissioned over 220 original Net | Web | Hybrid Art works and hosted over 20 real-time, multi-location performances. As networking technologies acquired wireless capabilities and became mobile,  remained at the forefront of the field by supporting artworks created for ‘mixed realities’, such as Locative Media and Augmented Reality (AR)

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