Dollspace is a web environment, a labyrinth for doll and her orphan words to haunt. Slowly it is shape shifting into a new work,'a smear of roses.'  This fictional hypertext contains several hundred pages which are displayed ni various textual fragments, reproductions of e-mails sent by the characters, images and photographs. Doll Yoko, the central figure of Doll Space , is an imaginary character, half dreamed, half real, both dead and alive: a ghost.

Old Boys Network

OBN stands for Old Boys Network. OBN is regarded as the first international Cyberfeminist alliance and was founded in 1997 in Berlin. Since the early days the network keeps changing due to changing members. OBN is a real and a virtual coalition of Cyberfeminists. Under the umbrella of the term 'Cyberfeminism', OBN contributes to the critical discourse on new media, especially focussing on its gender-specific aspects.

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