Top 84 Ways of Going Greener at Home

84 ways

In many of his works, Krassimir Terziev uses the language and technology of cinema and television to investigate and comment on how their shared visual culture shapes or affects our social and political world in unexpected ways.

His latest work, Top 84 Ways of Going Greener at Home, created specifically for gallery Gallery, is a digital tapestry that consists of 84 green screen stock videos, all running in parallel on infinite repeat.

Green screens are used in cinema, television and in the game industry to remove a person or object from its background so that these can be placed in a new setting. This new composite image is by definition one that is otherwise hard or impossible to create, either physically or because of the effort, money or danger involved. Every image that Terziev selected for his green screen tapestry falls well within this category.

The green screen is one of cinema's most powerful tools to create illusions where the impossible becomes believable.

Top 84 Ways of Going Greener at Home can only be seen through a device that is connected to gallery Gallery's wifi network. In most cases, this device is the visitor's own telephone or tablet.|

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