JODI is a net art group consisting of Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans. The group was one of the first to use the Internet’s creative possibilities. Already around 1994 they were beginning to use the Internet as material.


"An experimental website, using randomly generated ASCII art and Javascript. Jodi uses the browser to dissolve the configuration of ASCII elements with a figurative contour on the level of the source code into an irritating sequence of signs: lines, dashes, points and cyphers in repeating sequences and variations." —Thomas Dehrer «History of Computer Art»


Jodi pioneered Web art in the mid-1990s. Jodi were among the first artists to investigate and subvert conventions of the Internet, computer programs and video and computer games. Radically disrupting the language of these systems, including interfaces, commands, errors and code, JODI stages extreme digital interventions that destabilize the relationship between computer technology and its users.



Launch SOD

Jodi's SOD is a modification of the game Wolfenstein. You can actually attempt to play the game, but everything is scrampled. SOD is a modification or "hack" of id Software’s action game Wolfenstein 3D. The goal is to escape from a Nazi dungeon.

The Folksomy project

JODI's ongoing performance project, The Folksomy Project, takes YouTube as source material, with the artists utilizing custom software to select and manipulate user-generated videos from the popular website. Armed with a virtual "juke-box" of video clips, JODI focuses on YouTube users love-hate relationship with new technologies, from iPod love ballads to laptop smashing. As with much of JODI's work, The Folksomy Project is a study in how online systems (dis)function.