Dollspace is a web environment, a labyrinth for doll and her orphan words to haunt. Slowly it is shape shifting into a new work,'a smear of roses.'  This fictional hypertext contains several hundred pages which are displayed ni various textual fragments, reproductions of e-mails sent by the characters, images and photographs. Doll Yoko, the central figure of Doll Space , is an imaginary character, half dreamed, half real, both dead and alive: a ghost.


This net-art page by Arcángel Constatini, an astonishing rich and original exploration of hyperlink alternatives and interactive oppertunaties. Arcángel Constantini explores a wide range of media and alternative resources to fuse his ideas and concepts, both in the context of concrete objects and digital processes which include the exploration of sound and noise performance, as well as the art of hacking. He is obsessed with all types of objects and their re-contextualization in temporal spaces, and reconsiders their aesthetics and connections to questions about our existence.

A is for Apple

A is for Apple is a flash website project that uses the hypertext linking of interactive work to investigate a cryptography or hermeneutics of the apple. Using a series of associative links, the work looks for hidden meanings, coincidences, and insights that stem from the apple.  The image of the apple leads to references and ideas borrowing from western metaphysics, popular culture, the history of cryptography, ideas of language, and psychoanalysis. The piece was constructed using the paradigm of collage. First paper collages were made that became the basis for Photoshop images.

Dream 7

Dream7 is a net art piece which purposefully lingers in a state of precognition. Using icons, signs, words, sounds, and symbols Dream7 creates sense impressions that attempt to communicate with the viewer on an almost unconscious level. Dream7's pre-cognitive pieces are not random noise. The narrative slices/trajectories and the vague pictorial objects are purposefully assembled as to evoke a sense impressionistic response.

Museum of Rumour

The Museum of Rumour presents ongoing 'pataphysical research into the study of rumour. It uses a sort of 'gay science' of multiple and contrary theories - from the physics of motion to the surface tension of surfaces to the theory of six degrees of separation.

In particular the museum charts the uncanny connections of the so-called 'small world effect' by mapping the intersections of rumours through the nodal point of Gertrude Stein a well known figure of rumour.

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