The Doorman [passing]


"The doorman" is an interactive, 'photo-cinematic' flash piece, created with documentary photos of the subject shot over two months. Like insert-cuts in films, the sequences can be played over time and arranged in your mind.

A doorman spends his days in the dark of his lodge. His chair gives onto a wall at one corner of the entrance hall. He cannot have an entire view unless he stands on the sill of his porter's office window.
Like the doorman of a theatre who cannot enjoy the show, the doorman sits in his lodge, just witnessing other people passing by.

This doorman though, can only hear people entering and leaving the building.
His contact with the world outside is limited to the screen of a small black and white TV he watches all day long.

He hears someone else's life, he watches someone else's life. Time and life is passing by him. Is he really alive? To live in the dark of a lodge.  Was this his intentional choice or was it the only job he could find?

How much the architect's design of the location interferes with the wasting of the doorman's life?

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