Now showing on CologneOFF V

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CologneOFF V is excited to announce the Christmas 2009 update:

On 22 December 2009, CologneOFF V is launching the new
Program 5 - featuring 14 outstanding One Minute Films
selected and curated by the charming guest curator Alysse Stepanian (Iran/USA)
herself not only video artist´and participant in CologneOFF V,
but also a talented curator who is running her own curatorial project
"Manipulated Image" at the Complex in the city of Santa Fe/New Mexico (USA):

JavaMuseum celebrates net-art

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10 Years JavaMuseum - the 10th anniversary - a reason to celebrate!

JavaMuseum invites artists active on the field of new, digital and electronic media who created or create “netart” to submit their Internet based works orginating from the past 10 years (2000-2010).

This call is ongoing and valid from 1 September 2009-1 September 2010. JavaMuseum is planning to launch in autumn 2010 a comprehensive show on netart, entitled: “Celebrate!

CologneOFF V - Taboo! Taboo?

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launch CologneOFF V

CologneOFF is a mobil film & video festival which is organised simultaneously online and offline via physical screenings & cooperations.

CologneOFF V is invited to present three screening programs in the framework of “unCraftivism” - a project context by Rui Guerra running on 12 & 13 December 2009 at Arnolfini Bristol/UK
Craftivism and Arnolfini

See more details on the screening programs: 1st progam –> 2nd program –> 3rd program –> this program includes One Minute Films
guest curator –> Ali Zaidi (Motiroti(London)

File | 8 bit Game people

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Launch project

Go to: FILE | Electronic Language Internalional Festival

"8 bit game people"
A new global wave is washing up the electronic music scene. It is the 8 Bit culture, that started in Sweden, has invaded the USA and UK, and now arrives to Latin America to change the concepts of game sonority. The new generation of musicians is modifying Nintendo and Gameboy hardware to create high- level electronic music with live performances. That music, which has already conquered the Japanese, will be presented for the first time in Brazil, at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de
Janeiro, on November 23, at 7 p.m.

Make art

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Launch project

make art is an international festival focussed on Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and open content in digital arts. make art offers performances, presentations, workshops and an exhibition, focused on the blurred line between art and software programming. The festival is dedicated to all free software artists, open hardware hackers and command-line fetishists out there.


Launch project

CYNETART has been showing new trends of cultural developments in the media arts since 1997. The consequences of the prevailing progress of civilisation and the introduction of new information technologies in all fields of social life lead to the disembodiment of perception triggering the examination of a new sensitivity for physical experience and for the perception of one’s own body. The international festival focuses on the broaching the issue of this change of the perception of the body by new information technologies. Herein, the performance of the new technology is less important, it is rather about their cultural potential for mediation. This applies f.i. to linkages between existential questions of humankind and how they are perceived. It also applies to the sensual approach to scientific methods of research and the interconnections between the arts.

The festival will present projects which stand out because of their integrated tie-in of art, science and media technology. The art processes are based on modern computer technology and last but not least a work resulting from media operations. They are essentially seeking a cross-link to scientific and artistic forms of art.