Net art projects

Expunction: memory is there to deceive.

Expunction is a project by mobile Internet communicator Igor Štromajer. Between 11 May and 16 June 2011, Štromajer, a pioneer of net art both in Slovenia and worldwide, ritually deleted a number of his classical net art works produced between 1996 and 2007. He expunged one net art project per day, permanently deleting it from his online server, so that the projects are no longer available at the Intima Virtual Base. He deleted 37 net art works altogether, amounting to 3,288 files or 101.72 MB.


I am really not a human although my appearance would seem that I am a human. I am really from the planet urobonis. Its not even in this galaxy. Sometimes, when things get depressive, I visit there in my mind. Its always sunny there. Launch Mouchette

I am Frank: the Metamemetic Magibon Stalker

A creepy Magibon fan site It claims to have been created by an obsessive fan named Frank and features a grainy black & white video of a masked man clutching at a wall with Magibon projected on it. Some people speculated that Frank and Magibon were part of an elaborate marketing campaign for a Japanese horror movie, but it turned that Frank was just a viral hoax created by a digital media artist named Danung.

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine

Somewhere between the chaos of television static, and the order of the text you are now reading, lies a fascinating realm of semi-sense. By attending to this narrow union of nonsense and sublimity, we propose that we may come to a deeper understanding of how sense-making occurs at all, and become connected through abstract forms to a reality beyond language.

This artwork is addressed to the specific feeling of semi-sense we have when we recognize, but cannot read, the unfamiliar writing of another culture. A reactive machine, it allows people to create and explore personal semi-sense alphabets: coherent sets of abstract glyphs which might resemble the plausible scripts of civilizations with which we simply happen to be unfamiliar.

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Allmylifeforsale, an online project that explored our relationship to the objects around us, their role in the concept of identity, as well as the emerging commercial systems of the Internet.

Using the public/commercial space of the online trading community Ebay in conjunction with his online catalogue, John Freyer catalogued and sold nearly everything that he owned, from his kitchen cutlery to his personal hygiene products, his Star Wars sheets and finally even the domain name itself. (Now owned by the University of Iowa, Museum of Art)

1:1 (2)

1:1 (2)

1:1 was a project created in 1999 which consisted of a database that would eventually contain the addresses of every Web site in the world and interfaces through which to view and use the database. Crawlers were sent out on the Web to determine whether there was a Web site at a specific numerical address. If a site existed, whether it was accessible to the public or not, the address was stored in the database. However, the Web was changing faster than the database was updated and in 2001 it was clear that the database was outdated.

1:1(2) is a continuation of the project including a second database of addresses generated in 2001 and 2002 and interfaces that show and compare the data from both databases.

(Cookies and Javascript have to be enabled. The site was made in 2002. A lot has changed since. Currently the site only works in Safari on Mac and Explorer on PC.)

Net Criticism Juke Box

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Vuk Cosic work for the 'Beauty and the east' conference. The work pokes fun at the endless stream of serious discourse circulating online and adresses these tensions. Put together by Vuk Cosic with material from interviews by Josephine Bosma and Geert Lovink, the work uses a very simple interface to remodel and redistribute art discourse (Rachel Green).

Thanx to Josephine Bosma, Michail Langer and Geert Lovink that gave us the tapes.