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Currently you are developing a concept to contextualise Internet-based Art by recording users in front of their screens as they interact with the artwork, which is then documented. This seems to offer a brilliant way to shift the focus from the technological condition of Internet-based Art to its use in everyday culture—can you explain the aims of this project more in detail?

The Status Project

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Our identity can be thought of as a portfolio of
both private and public contracts both expressed and
implied with other people and organisations.

'The system' consists of the commons of our
collective relationships.

The status project is mapping these links on a
personal and national level producing maps for both
comprehension and mobility.

"Since 2004 artist Heath Bunting has been developing the Status Project, an exploration of the inter-relationships of UK status including citizenship, education, finance, identity, social security, work and utilities. The Status Project centres on an online database from which status maps have been generated and brought together in 0-9 The System Deluxe to create a unique A-Z of UK status."

Superenhanced Generator v2.0

Superenhanced Generator v2.0 - Launch project

The Superenhanced Generator is an interrogation software which automizes, dehumanizes, familiarizes and therefore optimizes examination. The willing user is presented a set of questions; it does not matter if ones answers truthfull, lies or avoids being specific, the system looks for answers it needs to satisfy it's database. The digital tool uses google and facebook to back-check on personal user-data thus generating further intelligence. The questioning does not stop after one session, but continues via email and in real-life during performances, bio-mechanic aspect of the project, the machine interrogates, controls, instrumentalizes and decides about interrogated humans thorough human interfaces (interrogators).


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Aleph es un website dedicado a, pensamiento y crítica de las nuevas prácticas en internet que se ha desarrollado entre 1997 y 2002, por iniciativa de la Asociación Cultural aleph.

La dirección editorial ha corrido a cargo de José Luis Brea y la artística se debe a La Société Anonyme.