14TH Arte Laguna Prize

Arte Laguna Prize, a competition for emerging artists and designers, showcases and promotes creative talents.
With fourteen years of history the Arte Laguna Prize gives the opportunity to join the huge network of collaborations worldwide, exhibit in the breathtaking location of the Arsenale of Venice, win cash prizes of a total amount of 40.000 euro and much more.

ACTIVATION: Collective Strategies to Expose Injustice

We're happy to invite you to the first community conference of theĀ  Disruption Network Lab, ACTIVATION: Collective Strategies to Expose Injustice, on Saturday 30 November 2019.

Location: Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
Schedule: 11:00 - 14:00: Workshops, 15:30 - 20:30: Conference

ACTIVATION gathers the community around the Disruption Network Lab to share collective approaches and tools for activating social, political and cultural change.


VERY LARGE WORKS will be an online show, a pavilion at the wrong art biennale (Nov 2019 - Mar 2020), organised by Noemata.

The pavilion is a reaction to bloated works, systems and structures, which prey on the resources of the world to exhaustion. The notion of Very Large Works stands to represent oppressive, imperialist and patriarchal tendencies throughout history. Values still nurtured, not least in the arts, hung up on romantic ideas of public opinion. A white-wash in many ways - culturally, institutionally and economically.