Locative Painting

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Locative Painting is a locative web/mobile artwork that forms a painting on the screen where the strokes are giving by the participants according to their geographical position (zip code). The participant chooses the stroke color and his/her stroke is given from the previous participant's position to his/her location on the screen. After participating, the person receives the painting with his/her stroke by email and SMS (on the cell phone). Each person has his/her moment in the painting and the strokes connecting people creates the painting community exchanging and crossing paths.

Web 2.0 Suicide machine

Submitted by net-art on Fri, 12/18/2009 - 17:01

Tired of your Social Network? After the launch of Seppukoo now also web 2.0 Suicide machine.

Liberate your newbie friends with a Web2.0 suicide! This machine lets you delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do away with your Web2.0 alterego. The machine is just a metaphor for the website which moddr_ is hosting; the belly of the beast where the web2.0 suicide scripts are maintained. Our services currently runs with, and! Commit NOW!

World of Female Avatars

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World of female avatars is a project for expanded understanding of women and their relation to their body. By using the internet as an artistic survey media as many different entries from different cultures as possible will be collected. The public call for female body pictures and text with personal statements about the body is going to be presented at this net art project. The submitted pictures are used for a digital collage to create new bodies - The avatars of female body, which will live in the cyber World of female avatars from now on. Just visit the virtual world and click for the virtual bodies and their statements!

Seppukoo, assisting your virtual suicide

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Seppukoo is the new artwork by Les Liens Invisibles. The website is designed to help people commit a symbolic, ritual suicide, killing their virtual identity. The main purpose of the project is to inspire a ludic introspection about using social networks, beginning with the most popular one: Facebook. The site also provide a memorial page on which users can write their last words. In the end, it all turns into a game, as you can score points by inviting your friends to committ a virtual suicide too.


MISSION ETERNITY is a METAPHYSICAL adventure: an arcane network of computers, mortal remains, human emotions, cargo containers, scientists, artists, lawyers and hackers - a technical, as well as an organizational and economic nightmare.

MISSION ETERNITY is hybrid art. There is no classic category for such an operation: the venture is far too hubristic, too complex to explain, involving too many specialist disciplines and too many people to fit into one single box - or a website. This documentation is just the tip of the iceberg. Goto MISSION ETERNITY

Man With a Movie Camera

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Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake is a participatory video shot by people around the world who are invited to record images interpreting the original script of Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera and upload them to this site. Software developed specifically for this project archives, sequences and streams the submissions as a film. Anyone can upload footage. When the work streams your contribution becomes part of a worldwide montage, in Vertov’s terms the “decoding of life as it is”.

Everyday a new version of the movie is built. On the left is Vertov’s original. On the right is a shot uploaded from a participant. The uploaded shots are rotated each day if there is more than one. So the built movie may never be quite the same. Black shots are still waiting for an upload; perhaps you can fill it in?


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Gridcosm is a collaborative art project in which artists from around the world contribute images to a compounding series of graphical squares. Each level of Gridcosm is made up of nine square images arranged into a 3x3 grid. The middle image is a one-third size version of the previous level. Artists add images around that center image until a new 3x3 grid is completed, then that level itself shrinks and becomes the "seed" for the next level. This process creates an ever expanding tunnel of images, the newest level a direct result of the previous level which is a result of the previous level... and so on.

This project was created in 1997 by Ed Stastny and has subsequently been under more-or-less constant refinement by Ed and Jon Van Oast. Gridcosm is microblogging


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"adaweb is a research and development platform, a digital foundry, and a journey. here, artists are invited to experiment with and reflect upon the web as a medium, and as a means of distribution for their work. while we produce most of the projects you experience on our site, we also house co-productions, guest work, events, and source material on the artists and their galleries. ah, 'da web - always subject to change."


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Mute is an online magazine dedicated to exploring culture and politics after the net. Mute combines quarterly issues dedicated to specific topics (Precarious Labour, The Knowledge Commons, etc) with regularly updated articles and reviews. The site also features ongoing coverage of relevant news and events contributed by ourselves and our readers.