In memoriam Millie Niss (1973 - 2009)

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Millie Niss has been making web-based computer art since 2000. Her work has been published on,, Rhizomes/hyperrhiz, The Museum of the Essential and Beyond That, trAce,, and others. A list of her publications on the web is at

She was a new media artist whose work is primarily web-based, although her writing and designs have also been published in print including in The Buffalo News, Artvoice, The New York Times, Friends' Journal, New York City Voices (print), and,, Beehive,, Big Bridge, sidereality, poetrysz, m.a.g., and others. Many of her projects address social issues including disability, poverty, conservation and the environment.

Milli Niss was 36 years old.
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