Symposium me you and everyone we know is a curator

Submitted by net-art on Tue, 11/24/2009 - 12:14

A symposium about quality in an age of visual overload

While museums are developing strategies to digitalise their collections, online cultural production is growing steadily, with hundreds of thousands of new images posted each day. A lot of potentially interesting work is being produced online, which never reaches the physical world. The distribution of this high quality work is increasingly decentralised, leaving museums, foundations and professional magazines at a loss on how to redefine their role as gatekeepers....

On the other hand, the time spent daily behind the computer on internet networking is pushing the demand for a physical experience of our fleeting culture. Designers, artists, mediators and policy makers need to redefine their position, because new technologies define to a large extent today's possibilities and means of presentation and archiving. The search is for new quality criteria, new frames of references, and alternative methods for enabling connections between the virtual and the physical space of today's culture.

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Venue: Paradiso, Weteringschans 6, Amsterdam

Entrance: €25, €10 (students)
Pre-sale : AUB Ticketshop Amsterdam, Ticket Service Nederland
Language: English

Program Saturday December 19th 2009

10.00 Doors open
10.25 Mieke Gerritzen
10.30 Bruce Sterling
Envisioning tomorrow's digital culture
11.15 Julia Noordegraaf
Performing archival material online
11.35 Sarah Cook
Curatorial strategies for online artistic production

11.50 Coffee break

12.05 Rick Poynor
Design criticism in the blogosphere
12.35 Sophie Krier
me you and everyone we know is a curator
12.45 Metahaven
Visual identity in the age of digital standards

13.00 Lunch break

14.00 Andrew Keen
Digital Vertigo: selecting talent in the age of social media
14.45 Aram Bartholl
Online visual culture in physical space
15.00 Dagan Cohen (Upload Cinema)
Bringing web films to the big screen
15.15 Willem Velthoven (Mediamatic)
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15.30 Coffee break

15.45 Henk Oosterling
16.00 Debat about changing positions of policy makers and institutions

16.30 Drinks

Moderator: Koert van Mensvoort (artist/scientist)
Visual Interventions: Sander van der Pavert (LuckyTV)

Organization: Graphic Design Museum
Concept: Sophie Krier, Mieke Gerritzen
Design: Metahaven