Launch project

Meetopia is a cooperative web-art based platform launched in 2006. Netart projects, webzine, digital cultures.

In our projects, computers and networks are understood as well as tools and means of production and circulation as locations and subjects of a digital condition that is defined by the accessibility, the appropriation, the reproduction and replication of the code, the connection to networks, and the development of a digital knowledge which produce a collective intelligence.

We focus on the sharing of data, the multishaped identities of the digital culture, the hybridity of the digital places, and a new definition of the multiple replicated by the code and the «copy & paste » function, main markers of the digital condition.

Internet is understood as a virtual public space, an e -location for production, a place for broadcasting and sharing of contents a location for the production of an « E-intelligence »

We are committed to a free digital culture that create a collective intelligence able to share, developp and propagate a digital and collective knowledge.