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Launch project

The net.art output of a San Francisco based graphic designer using DHTML. The site consists of a maze of inter-linked visual, conceptual "subprojects" ranging from two-tone and technical-looking to wacky, colorful, and even bizarre. Subprojects can have clickable elements linked to other pages within that subproject, or to another. Some of the pages contain narrative elements. There are 143 different pages (and still more coming). Superbad is a seemingly endless funhouse of graphics, images, and text launched in 1997 by web designer Ben Benjamin. Laced with references to popular culture, from the rock band Iron Maiden to the cult film Planet of the Apes, the site also features stunning abstract animations and satirical texts. There is no fixed entry point because Benjamin changes the homepage every day, adding new content on an ongoing basis. The unpredictable and nonlinear experience offered by Superbad mirrors the medium of the web itsel