Photomontage an interactive art exhibit of collage works and multimedia art projects

We unconsciously demand the application of certain elementary principles in the arrangements which surround us in daily life. These principles are so simple that when they are complied with, one is not even aware of the source of one's satisfaction. On the other hand the violation of these simple principles will give rise to a feeling of disappointment which is none the less actual for being, sometimes, quite undefinable.

The success of each project in my site, depends in a measure on correct balance in every sense this medium - digital art/web site - has to offer. What I build is a collage or an assemblage of interrelated short art pieces that although seemingly detached from each other, in whole, express a complete thought or statement. My site remains in a "work in progress".


Launch project

Gridcosm is a collaborative art project in which artists from around the world contribute images to a compounding series of graphical squares. Each level of Gridcosm is made up of nine square images arranged into a 3x3 grid. The middle image is a one-third size version of the previous level. Artists add images around that center image until a new 3x3 grid is completed, then that level itself shrinks and becomes the "seed" for the next level. This process creates an ever expanding tunnel of images, the newest level a direct result of the previous level which is a result of the previous level... and so on.

This project was created in 1997 by Ed Stastny and has subsequently been under more-or-less constant refinement by Ed and Jon Van Oast. Gridcosm is microblogging