give me a break

gif_me_a_break is a web-work consisting of multiple versions of interactive, interlinked abstract and social commentary gif animations resulting in audio-visual noise drones. A perfect platform for drowning in the infowars of constant flash-ups of whatever-news, where the like-ers and followers are nicely squeezed into sleek ad infested timelines, all cleverly packaged for the maximum result off mass-infiltration, mass-exploitation, mass-surveillance, chronic disorientation, perseptive-overload, online addiction and the propagation of the fake as real and the real as fake.

gif_me_a_break is part of an ongoing gif-animation exploration project using bitingly ironic animations to reflect on the state of the world in general as well as on internet culture and the fabricated world offline, where the wild has been substituted by ones and zeroes.

Launch project