Launch project

Networked, a (networked_book) about (networked_art)
* To commission several chapters and publish them online using wiki/blog technology to enable the public to revise, update, debate and translate them
* To present public forums to publicize the online book and solicit participation in its development

* To develop and publish an online, trans-disciplinary book that will address recent artistic developments made possible by computers, networks, and mobile connectivity
* To present the book in an open, participatory and social form
* To document:

1. The collapse of the traditional distinction between artist, art work and audience
2. The shaping of creative practice that is open, contingent and participatory
3. The building of virtual communities which, in the words of Howard Rheingold, “becomes inevitable wherever computer mediated communications technology becomes available to people anywhere.” (The Virtual Community, 1993)

We aim to spark a conversation between researchers and practitioners, curators, artists, and academics in the fields of art (music, sound, dance, e-lit, visual art …), architecture, convergence, mapping, urbanism, games, sociology, visualization, cultural studies, and environmental studies.