Net art projects


Launch Pianographique

Mix visuals with sound and create your own multimedia masterpiece. Pianographique transforms your computer into a fully funktified groove machine. It works by assigning a sample and a visual to each letter on your keyboard.

You can choose between nine pianos styles (rap, jazz, techno, classic, ·). Create your music while simultaneously conducting the play of a visual graphic maelstrom· Have fun. The graphic Piano is a multimedia instrument created in 1993 on CD-Rom and also available on the Net.

Each letter on the keyboard sets off a sound and an animation underneath the mouse cursor.

By typing on the keyboard, pictures and sounds mix together. In this audiovisual collage, all the key combinations are possible. The work is composed and recomposed until the user arrives at his final flourish... The spacebar deletes the composition.

Priss Removal Machine

Launch éé!

"A Multi-Nodal Web-Surf-Create-Session
for an Unspecified Number of Players

... poetic - exploring instability, unpredictability, flow of electrons, feeling the universe, extasy of true joint creativity, hopping through space, countries, cultures, languages, genders, colours, shapes and sizes ...

If you don't get depressed by homeless homepages and wandering websites, if you have shed the hope that names and places in webspace will always have a fixed locality, and if you don't mind to get zapped after 10 seconds, the friendly web-design frenzy that we have started on Sunday 6 October 1996, 18.00-22.00hrs CET."


Launch project

"Playdamage org is an abstract multi-sensory journal exploring the parameters of visceral, pre-cognitive expression. Really, it's just a place where I can play around and break things without having to explain why." Curt Cloninger

The Market-O-Matic

Launch project

Tired of racking your brain trying to squeeze out yet another artist's statement extolling the unique virtues of your latest joint? Do you lapse into fits of involuntary muscle spasms every time you hear the word "immersive" in casual conversation? Then search no further -- The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] is here! Just fill in the blanks below, hit the "Crank Out the Crap" button, email the results to your nearest digital arts festival jury panel, then sit back and enjoy a well-earned coffee break! The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] -- pimping yourself to the self-referential digital arts community has never been so easy!*


Launch project

In the name of science you are about to become a freak accident waiting to happen. His name is Dr. Doglin and you are the new volunteer at Preconstruction, his mysterious private clinic located inside a hotel. In a few seconds he will ask you to swallow a strange tablet and be hit by a very big truck. But first he would kindly like to ask you to practice in a wheelchair. Welcome to the clinically bizarre world of Hotel.


Braintec is a progressive technology company located in Portland, Oregon. For more than 12 years, we have excelled at scientific research programs investigating the possibilities to copy and store human memories. Our continuous involvement in designing and testing new surgical implants and techniques has become a way of life... a total company commitment in finding new ways to comprehend human thought. For more information about the Braintec Institute, please visit our company website at: Braintec

World of Female Avatars

Launch project

World of female avatars is a project for expanded understanding of women and their relation to their body. By using the internet as an artistic survey media as many different entries from different cultures as possible will be collected. The public call for female body pictures and text with personal statements about the body is going to be presented at this net art project. The submitted pictures are used for a digital collage to create new bodies - The avatars of female body, which will live in the cyber World of female avatars from now on. Just visit the virtual world and click for the virtual bodies and their statements!


Launch project

Now in Public Beta the automatic newspaper that serves only the good news. An internet specific work by artist Antonio Riello and the artist duo Donnachie, Simionato & Son, which attempts to serve only the good news taken from the most popular international press agencies (eg. Google News, Reuters) The artists, with the programmer Reinier Feijen, have created an automatic newspaper which can algorithmically filter out all the bad news through the referencing of a constantly growing emotional database.

net-art classic: The Simulator

Launch The Simulator [1997]

HTML-based work of a banal 'interactive' day. Building The Simulator is an attempt at accenting and exploring the edge between the simulacrum of the internet and banal physical existence. By reverting physicalness into digital space, one is alerted discrepancies between physical and digital existence. Physical concepts of linear time and space - when re-created in digital format - seem odd or humorous. Writing, working, and physically relaxing do not translate literally into a digital realm. The attempt to do so, however, makes the parallax between the two noticeable.
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