Announcing Rhizome's Net Art Anthology


Announcing Rhizome's Net Art Anthology
Launch Event: Presentations + Artists Panel
Thursday, October 27, 7 PM
at the New Museum, 235 Bowery in NYC
TICKETS / Rhizome members receive a discount—email

With a special event on October 27, Rhizome will premiere Net Art Anthology, a two-year online exhibition retelling the history of net art from the 1980s through the present day. Through one hundred works—restaged and contextualized on a weekly basis at a dedicated microsite—the series will take on the complex task of identifying, preserving, and presenting exemplary works in a field characterized by broad participation, diverse practices, promiscuous collaboration, and rapidly shifting formal and aesthetic standards, sketching a possible net art canon. Read more at Rhizome

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Pages in the middle of nowhere (former First and only real net art gallery

Schermafbeelding 2012-12-25 om 14.17.38.png

Launch Teleportacia

Art Teleportacia, a web gallery of the works of Olia Lialina, which also features links to remakes of her most famous work "My boyfriend came back from the war"


Schermafbeelding 2012-02-20 om 22.15.17.png

noplace locates numerous utopian inputs from the Internet and uses these data feeds to create virtual architectures. Photo and audio streams of opposing utopias are played side-by-side; the text descriptions of the content used to synchronize divergent paradises to create a narrative flow.

noplace online has now finished. The movie archive: noplace online

Nobody here


A blog reconfigured as an interactive experience, Nobody Here. The viewer is invited to play, though the goofy fun of the interactive elements is balanced by the emotional weight of the writing. Visitors can also choose an insect icon to represent themselves, then leave comments on individual pages. If you encounter Herman the hermit crab, try shaking him out of his shell.


Schermafbeelding 2012-02-19 om 16.06.47.png

Sound artwork: Nonrepetitive by Achim Wollscheid

Through the graphical interface the user/participant can influence the parameters of a sound data generator, effecting things like sound colour, density and complexity. The impact of the change can be seen on the interface by other users visiting at the same time, in another place and they may also mutually interfere through the interface, in order to change the generation of sound.

Once you grab the line - representing the present wave spectrum of what is to be heard - and change it, any other user online on this page will witness the alteration. In other words, this piece is not an applet that you download, but an online piece that you actually change on the server while others can watch, listen, and equally interact. The piece is thus subject to a play or negotiation between partners.

exq=.s.te =n.c&de/s

Jimpunk latest user generated project, exq=.s.te =n.c&de/s is a Twitter feed that anyone can post to. Using a customized keyboard, comprised solely of unicode symbols, users can easily create and tweet status updates.


Schermafbeelding 2012-02-12 om 18.58.02.png

Launch SOD

JoDi's SOD is a modification of the game Wolfenstein. You can actually attempt to play the game, but everything is scrampled. SOD is a modification or "hack" of id Software’s action game Wolfenstein 3D. The goal is to escape from a Nazi dungeon.

The game is a space that is loosely architectural and extremely disorienting. It is easy to get lost, and it can be difficult to distinguish the walls from the targets one is supposed to shoot. JODI complements the game-play difficulties with a cryptic interface (setting game preferences is no easy task!) and tongue-in-cheek game instructions along the lines of "If you are tough, press N. If not, press Y daintily."


Phone story

Schermafbeelding 2012-02-11 om 18.34.52.png

Play Phone Story

Phone Story is an educational game about the dark side of your favorite smart phone. Follow your phone's journey around the world and fight the market forces in a spiral of planned obsolescence.

Play other games by Molleindustria

Molleindustria aims to reappropriate video games as a popular form of mass communication. Our objective is to investigate the persuasive potentials of the medium by subverting mainstream video gaming clichè (and possibly have fun in the process).

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Moments of inertia


Launch Moments of inertia

Moments of inertia are ways of describing an object's resistance to change. To take a simple example, we can compute how much force it would take an already spinning wheel to change direction, depending on where and in what manner we apply pressure. Looked at from a certain way, this value is analogous to an object's mass; the higher its value, the more effort required to effect change upon it. In this piece, I'm looking at the problem of calculating moments of inertia metaphorically. Rather than examining a plane and discovering how much effort it would take to spin it, or looking at a cylinder and figuring out how to reverse its direction, imagine if we could discuss this phenomenon as a social one. How much effort does it take to change your life's direction? How do you calculate the inertia of your relationships or your career? How do you determine the effort required to move across the country to be with someone you love, or move three barstools down to talk to someone you find attractive? What is the resistance value of making eye contact, or of saying you're sorry? Even in a society that prides itself on mobility, we all have our moments of inertia. Read more »

Google Alarm: Firefox add-on

Afbeelding 4.png

Google is collecting a lot of data about how we use the web. The new Google Alarm Firefox addon visually & audibly alerts you whenever your personal information is being sent to Google servers. Read more »

International Streaming Festival The Hague: Systems


Launch project

A journey through style and independent filmmaking.

This program - a reflection on today's artists whose abilities allow them to integrate the cinematic process from writing to editing with stunning results - will take you on a journey through style and independent filmmaking, from the outright eerie but captivating atmosphere and visual techniques of "Helping Johnny remember", via the collage of 8mm footage, letters and pictures that were used in the video-essay "Mimesis" to the powerful animated feature "The return of John Frum" with an equally powerful sound design, made by Christian Schlaeffer.

Meanwhile, Matt Frodsham and Mat Lloyds approach independent filmmaking differently by combining words and visuals to create a critical verse that will leave you thinking long after the last frame has passed in the film "2 Inches to the Right".
Lastly, immerse yourself in the richly awarded and critically acclaimed "Polish your shoes" by Sam Huntley - whose effective cinematic language brings this adventure into style and independent filmmaking back to its beginning.

Cease & Desist Art: yes, this is illegal!


lists Simona Lodi

Italy - Torino
live at

Cease & Desist Art: yes, this is illegal!
curated by Simona Lodi

For some years now, it has become common among digital artists to focus on illegal art practices. Countless Cease & Desist letters have been sent out by companies to pirates, plagiarists, hackers and disturbers, which are shown off as trophies in exhibitions, web communities and mailing lists. Action artists promote controversial forms of art, using guerilla tactics to protest against the fairness of copyright and intellectual property laws.
Receiving a Cease & Desist letter has become the latest badge in championing the freedom to create in the Corporation Age. Any artist interested in taking part in the movement chooses a good lawyer rather than a good gallery owner. What is happening to the future of art? What rights and freedoms are these artists championing? Does all this have something to do with the end of techno-utopias?
In what way has business co-opted the values of hackers, exploiting open source initiatives, web freedom and on-line equality and sparking the use of these practices?

List of Artists and works:
0100101110101101.ORG | Eva & Franco Mattes Read more »

Performmikka Internettikka (internet performance)


An evening with internet/teleperformances by Annie Abrahams, Christophe Bruno, Constant Dullaart, Robin Nicolas and Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman, focused on the relations between contemporary performance practice and the internet.

With performances by:
Annie Abrahams, Huis Clos : No Exit - On Translation
Christophe Bruno, Human Browser
Constant Dullaart, Arranged online moments
Robin Nicolas, Removal, about an event that occurred (video-versie)
Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman, Ballettikka Internettikka Insecttikka

Performmikka Internettikka focuses on recent new possibilities surrounding tele- or internet performance. With the increased speed of internet connections in recent years and the omnipresence of the net, it has not only provided these media artists with inspiration, but also with a platform and a medium. In their work the participating artists respond in various ways to the technical possibilities and limitations of the internet, and to the implications the medium has for content. How does a simultaneous and collective performance being carried out at different places around the world look? What does the delay and distance contribute to the chances and limitations? How does an audience deal with viewing a live 'event' with illegal recorded images that are being made at that moment somewhere else in the world? In addition, the artists respond with irony to the Internet as a source of entertainment, and as a capitalist instrument. In short, what does the internet contribute to contemporary performance art practice in terms of inspiration, mediation and as a platform? Read more »

IRFAK: Fat to Food Recycling


IRFAK: Fat to Food Recycling

Over the past few years, IRFAK had developed an optimal production system for making excess human fatty tissue acquired by liposuction suitable for human consumption. This tissue has been acquired by IRFAK by means of donations. In this, IRFAK had the support of several international clinics which have a broad spectrum of liposuction treatments at their patients’ disposal. One of our business partners is Gerven en van Iersel Cosmetic Surgeons. Read more »

Fluxus 2010: International film festival on the internet


Launch Fluxus 2010
Watch video's

Both a product and a reflection of the technology of its times, Fluxus – International Film Festival celebrates the 10th anniversary of its first edition. Born in the environment of new technologies, under the signs of aggregation, portability, mobility, interaction and the democratic nature of the medium, Fluxus has been created in the hopeful atmosphere of the 2000's, which conceived the Internet as a promising channel to the audiovisual exhibition as well.

Now, in 2010, Fluxus proposes a new challenge to the cinema exhibition, joining the Internet and the Museum: Fluxus takes place simultaneously here in this website – – and at the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound (MIS-SP), where the Fluxus Gallery is installed. The Internet and the Museum challenge the spectator to see, to share and to pass through this flow of moving images.

The Fluxus Gallery, which will occupy the exhibition hall of MIS-SP until June 20th, provides the possibility of a collective exhibition space, a movie-oriented place composed by 12 screens, which allow the spectator to have simultaneous views of all the films in the Festival. Exclusively at the Fluxus Gallery, there is also a space devoted to a retrospective presenting 14 films of past editions of the Festival. Renowned artists have been invited to the event, such as Seoungho Cho, Anney Bonney, Anouk de Clercq and Cao Guimarães, among others. Read more »