Announcing Rhizome's Net Art Anthology


Announcing Rhizome's Net Art Anthology
Launch Event: Presentations + Artists Panel
Thursday, October 27, 7 PM
at the New Museum, 235 Bowery in NYC
TICKETS / Rhizome members receive a discount—email

With a special event on October 27, Rhizome will premiere Net Art Anthology, a two-year online exhibition retelling the history of net art from the 1980s through the present day. Through one hundred works—restaged and contextualized on a weekly basis at a dedicated microsite—the series will take on the complex task of identifying, preserving, and presenting exemplary works in a field characterized by broad participation, diverse practices, promiscuous collaboration, and rapidly shifting formal and aesthetic standards, sketching a possible net art canon. Read more at Rhizome

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Composition with JavaScript


Launch project

Composition with Javascript is an interactive work made using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery, based on Piet Mondrian's “Composition with Yellow, Red, Black, Blue and Grey” (1920). It allows everybody deconstruct the original painting and form it again in whatever he or she wants. Lines are shiftable (just drag it with your mouse) and colours changeable (click on it). Texture of the painting was preserved for authentic look. One can play with composition, forms and colours, alter the harmony of the piece or even destroy it and compose something pictorial (see examples).

I used similarity among Mondrian grid structures and tabular web interface to make this project which aims to represent the relationship between modernity and postmodernity (or rather the way in which we as people living in postmodern epoch treat the art of modernism) and main cultural shifts concerned: from distance between artist and public to participation, from finished work to ongoing process, from purpose to play, from creation, totalization to deconstruction, from metaphysics to irony and so on.

Tweeting Colors


Tweeting Colors is webpage comprised of vertical color bars created by special tweets from Twitter users. New bars are added from the left, pushing the existing arrangement to the right. Working with the Twitter feed is nothing new to A Feverish Dream, yet unlike Journal of the Collective Me or Ellsworth Kelly Hacked My Twitter, this piece allows the audience to directly manipulate the resulting visual. Anyone can view the piece, but a Twitter user can add bars by following these simple directions. The page auto-refreshes a few times a minute, so sit back and enjoy the Color Feed. Read more »

Tulse Luper Journey


Launch project

Investigate the 20th century through Tulse Lupers life. Tulse Luper is the lead character in an ambitious series of projects initiated by film director Peter Greenaway.
So far, the project includes three feature films, a series of DVD's, travelling exhibitions, books, publications and this online game produced by Submarine.
These are all part of a growing universe of stories, facts, fiction, history and drama based on the adventures of a man who spent most of his live as a prisoner - mistaken for someone important, a spy, a lover, an artist, a writer and an observer.

Set against the background of 20th century history, Tulses journey through life reads as a personal, subjective history of events and developments that shaped the world as we know it.

Greenaways statement that "cinema is dead" calls for new ways of communicating ideas. This game is part of the search for a crossover format that breaks the boundaries and rules that have been imposed by film, theatre, books, games and other traditional media.

Created by developers, artists and students from around Europe, The Tulse Luper Journey explores new boundaries of online interactive media. Read more »

SY.SMN - SeeYou.SeeMeNot

Afbeelding 1.png

SY.SMN - SeeYou.SeeMeNot
intimate surveillance: zero tolerance

with html, java & sasa savel

by intima | virtual base
antwerpen, belgië - november 2002

intimacy = (her) obsession | fantasy = deeper & deeper | obsession = dis/appearing
frustration = repeating | loop = danger | one = not enough x 3 | me = her web cam

ms ie 6+, java, wav, opt. 1024x768

The Folksomy project


Launch The Folksomy project

JODI's ongoing performance project, The Folksomy Project, takes YouTube as source material, with the artists utilizing custom software to select and manipulate user-generated videos from the popular website. Armed with a virtual "juke-box" of video clips, JODI focuses on YouTube users love-hate relationship with new technologies, from iPod love ballads to laptop smashing. As with much of JODI's work, The Folksomy Project is a study in how online systems (dis)function.


stanza 151.jpg

launch Sensity by Stanza.

A series of artworks based on sensing the environment. The results are the visualisation and sonification of real time spaces.

Sensity artworks are made from the data that is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure. The sensors interpret the micro-data of the interactive city. The output from the sensors display the "emotional" state of the city online in real time and the information is also used to create offline installations and sculptural artworks. Read more »

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Now showing on Paul McCarthy


February on
In February will be exhibiting a pair of videos from Paul McCarthy. 'Family Tyranny' & 'Cultural Soup' were cut from two days of taped performance at a community television studio in 1987. Featuring McCarthy's fellow artist Mike Kelley, these videos are filled with the disturbing images of familial horror and stomach turning abjection that characterise the artist's renowned body of work. Both works will be available on untill 28th February.

Dr.Hugo Heyrman (((Motions of the Mind))) special


Online since 1995, Dr. Hugo Heyrman became one of the pioneers in He participated in 1988 at the 'First International Symposium on Electronic Art' (FISEA) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In the 'Fuzzy Dreamz' series, a work in progress since 1996, he transforms his painting experiences into digital media and vice versa. He took part in various projects, including the online projects, Digital Studies: Being In Cyberspace 'ALT-X-site' (1997) New York and 'Revelation' ISEA 2000, Paris.

* * *
( ( ( Motions of the Mind ) ) ) - a project by Dr. Hugo Heyrman, exploring the telematic future of art and mind. Read more »


Comrades! Raise your glasses of champagne to mark Class Wargames' decisive victory on the cultural front: the launch of our film on Guy Debord's The Game of War. For the first time, the Situationist politics of this military simulation are carefully explained in sound and vision.

NewMediaFest'2010 - 10 Years [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork] :||cologne


NewMediaFest'2010 - 10 Years [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne - global heritage of digital culture, a festival context starting on 1 January 2010 and ending on 31 December 2010 online and in physical space.

Initiated 10 years ago by the Cologne based media artist Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, the project of the global network, entitled: [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne - developed from a small Internet based art piece to a global wide acting context of digital art creation - spread on a variety of project platforms dedicated to different types of contents and art media.
just to mention some--> A Virtual Memorial Foundation, JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art, VideoChannel Cologne, SoundLAB Cologne, CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival. Read more »


Sonic Acts XIII - The Poetics of Space


The thirteenth Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam is entirely dedicated to the exploration of space in performative and audiovisual art, film, music and architecture. Sonic Acts XIII - The Poetics of Space examines the importance of physical space in times of far-reaching technological developments, and the physical and psychological impact of spatial designs.

SONICACTS trailer Read more »

Now showing on CologneOFF V


CologneOFF V is excited to announce the Christmas 2009 update:

On 22 December 2009, CologneOFF V is launching the new
Program 5 - featuring 14 outstanding One Minute Films
selected and curated by the charming guest curator Alysse Stepanian (Iran/USA)
herself not only video artist´and participant in CologneOFF V,
but also a talented curator who is running her own curatorial project
"Manipulated Image" at the Complex in the city of Santa Fe/New Mexico (USA): Read more »

Now showing on Open End


To add to this year of solo exhibitions, will end 2009 with a group show, Open End.
Selected from recent discoveries and the great number of submissions they received throughout the year.

Now showing Open End 15th December 2009 - 7th January 2010: Andrew Cross / Dean Kissick / Oreet Ashery / Michael Fortune / Jon Purnell / Oliver Michaels / Mark Shorey / Michael van den Abeele / Matthew Johnstone / Nicholas O'Brien / Katja Aglert / Steven Eastwood / Simon Woolham / Jonathan Monaghan.