Announcing Rhizome's Net Art Anthology


Announcing Rhizome's Net Art Anthology
Launch Event: Presentations + Artists Panel
Thursday, October 27, 7 PM
at the New Museum, 235 Bowery in NYC
TICKETS / Rhizome members receive a discount—email

With a special event on October 27, Rhizome will premiere Net Art Anthology, a two-year online exhibition retelling the history of net art from the 1980s through the present day. Through one hundred works—restaged and contextualized on a weekly basis at a dedicated microsite—the series will take on the complex task of identifying, preserving, and presenting exemplary works in a field characterized by broad participation, diverse practices, promiscuous collaboration, and rapidly shifting formal and aesthetic standards, sketching a possible net art canon. Read more at Rhizome

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"There was this art website called that had no public access. In February ’99 Rhizome subscribers received an invitation and password to see the new exhibition. During the opening we copied the whole show and published it on our website without restrictions. Our action upset and lead to a cease-and-desist request. While recently ceased to exist, our version remained visible ever since." 0100101110101101.ORG, Copies

Loaded 5x


we are always waiting for the big
event that will change our lives forever --
not to make our lives a paradise,
but to give us direction, to find out what
our mission is, what is worth struggling for.
we are a nation in search of a frontier,
and without one we are overwhelmed
by anxiety.

Loaded 5x



"The pieces on are an attempt to articulate mathematical and natural principles below a visual surface in an enjoyable and sometimes playful way. People should be able to get their own ideas about the pieces and involve themselves without having any preconception of how to watch or how to "use" the pieces - that's why there are no instructions or any guidelines. Depending of the used formulas and also depending on who is watching/playing around, the results of the created images and/or sounds will always be different - in that sense, the user can also be seen as an additional random-factor in the code which can help to create a more or less "organic" result."

// Lia, July 2001

Expunction: memory is there to deceive.


Expunction is a project by mobile Internet communicator Igor Štromajer. Between 11 May and 16 June 2011, Štromajer, a pioneer of net art both in Slovenia and worldwide, ritually deleted a number of his classical net art works produced between 1996 and 2007. He expunged one net art project per day, permanently deleting it from his online server, so that the projects are no longer available at the Intima Virtual Base. He deleted 37 net art works altogether, amounting to 3,288 files or 101.72 MB.


Schermafbeelding 2014-10-31 om 23.10.31.png

I am really not a human although my appearance would seem that I am a human. I am really from the planet urobonis. Its not even in this galaxy. Sometimes, when things get depressive, I visit there in my mind. Its always sunny there. Launch Mouchette

I am Frank: the Metamemetic Magibon Stalker


A creepy Magibon fan site It claims to have been created by an obsessive fan named Frank and features a grainy black & white video of a masked man clutching at a wall with Magibon projected on it. Some people speculated that Frank and Magibon were part of an elaborate marketing campaign for a Japanese horror movie, but it turned that Frank was just a viral hoax created by a digital media artist named Danung.

Who's afraid of red yellow and blue


Launch Whosafraidofredyellowandblue

A work by Reinier Feijen and Jurjen Semeijn.

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The commodification of net-art

Slides for a short lecture presentation Jennifer Chan gave on selling internet art (both commercial and alternative economies). Salon 1 "The Art of Success" with co-presenters Jeff Stark and Zach Blas, Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Manchester, UK on August 30, 2012.

Souvenirs from Earth

Souvenirs from Earth is the first Cable TV station broadcasting a 24/7 program of Video art, Film, Visual art, Music, Installations and Performances, transforming bigger flat screens into an art terminal, giving access to the avant-garde of visual cultures. We give art more visibility and create new opportunities for art professionals, investigating the ever changing position of art in contemporary culture. We are available on the French and German Cable TV networks. Artists and filmmakers are welcome to submit their works. Launch project

transmediale 2012: web video – the new net art?


transmediale 2012: web video – the new net art?

transmediale 2k12 | 31 January – 5 February 2012

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

transmediale 2012 |

Wednesday, 1 February 2012
15:00 – 17:00
25 years of transmediale | web video – the new net art? | panel with Robert Sakrowski, Constant Dullaart, Petra Cortright, Igor Štromajer


If net art is cashing in on the utopian promise of video art, what dream does net art have left for itself? Has it come full circle? Is now at its end? And is it true what the net art veteran Mark Amerika proclaims via Twitter, that “video is the new net art”? Read more »

SPAMM - Super Art Modern Museum


Launch SPAMM

Curated by Thomas Cheneseau + Systaime, Spamm (Super Art Modern Museum) is a new online art gallery featuring an impressive list of artists — JODI, Françoise Gamma, Angelo Plessas, Mr Doob, Rosa Menkman, Jeremy Bailey, Petra Cortright, among many others

Visual arts have entered a new era. It’s a place where immediacy rules, where visual arts becomes virtual, a place that links the world together. A new era for artists who have invented new concepts, using digital medias, from video to graphism, static, animated or even computer-programmed. They have created a flamboyant design for a super-society created in the Web’s image. Read more »



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retrospective, portrait, vitrine

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watch the tele for a while and play with the collection button
to see and hear the result of your data-dandy behavior mise a nu Read more »

Face to facebook on Impakt festival

Face to Facebook on Impakt
3 - 6 November 2011 : The Right To Know: Free State
Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio Read more »

SKOR NetArtWorks



By commissioning new content/artworks that address or exploit the online space and the characteristics of the web, SKOR wants to critically engage with this space. The SKOR NetArtWorks are a place for project-driven exploration through digital media. This includes artist commissions, interface experiments, community discussions, essays and interviews, filtered links, and collaborations with others.

First commissions:

For the first commissions of 2011, SKOR asked artists to address the notion of identity and power in relation to the net. The critical power of the masses through the Internet and social media networks is being acknowledged more and more and is viewed as a very positive development. The acclaimed critic Henry Jenkins has stated that, 'popular culture can enable a more engaged citizenry, by allowing people to play with power on a micro level' (Convergence Culture). Read more »