Nominees announcement: transmediale Award 2011 & Open Web Award 2011

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Nominees announcement: transmediale Award 2011 & Open Web Award 2011

This weekend, transmediale and CTM (club transmediale) announced the nominees for the transmediale Award 2011. For the first time this year, together with the Mozilla Foundation/Drumbeat, transmediale announced the inaugural Open Web Award. In a session lasting several days, the international jury nominated the most outstanding works from an impressive pool of more than 1000 submissions. This years jury members are Defne Ayas (Shanghai), Micz Flor (Berlin), Marisa Olson (New York), Brandon LaBelle (Berlin) and Matteo Pasquinelli (Amsterdam)

Transmediale Award 2011

The jury selected seven submissions in their search for innovative, original and visionary art works and projects that address, question and artistically contribute to the technological society. These nominated works reflect upon the contemporary relation to, and understanding of the human, in a dynamic, complex and mediated environment, where collaborative practice increasingly becomes a central model.

Wikipedia Art - Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern (us)

MACHT GESCHENKE: Das Kapital - Kritik der politischen ├ľkonomie - Christin Lahr (de)

Serendipitor - Mark Shephard (us) - Les Liens Invisibles (Clemente Pestelli and Gionatan Quintini) (it)

Intelligent Bacteria - Saccharomyces cerevisiae - HONF- House Of Natural Fiber (id)

Spatial Sound Sculpture - Christopher Warnow, Daniel Franke (de)

Newton - Tzu-Nyen Ho (sg)

Open Web Award
Nominated for the Open Web Award are three projects that critically consider and make use of the potential of the Open Web. They have an online component, implement open and free technology and facilitate participation and collaboration. Drumbeat Project Producer Henrik Moltke represented award partner Mozilla at the jury session. From 1 October 2010 the nominated works will be made available on the Mozilla Drumbeat Platform for a public vote that will determine the winner of this award.

Booki - FLOSS Manuals (nz)

Grafitti Analysis / Graffiti Markup Language - Evan Roth (us)

Thimbl -- Decentralized Microblogging - Telekommunisten (de)

Transmediale award 2011