Mt. Hekla in real time

Mt. Hekla in real time

Mt. Hekla is a live volcano in the South of Iceland (WikiPedia). Recently a live webcam was set up at the Burfellsvirkjun power plant with a view of Hekla. What these codes produce is a live "painting" of the mountain that regenerates itself in real time. Mt. Hekla has been rendered by many of Iceland's most prominent artists as can be seen in the documentation for the 2001 exhibition FlogiĆ° yfir Heklu (En. Flying over Hekla) at the Kjarvalsstadir museum in Reykjavik.

FUJI spaces and other places

January 3, 2010; 6:30 am in Tokyo (4:30 pm EST)
Turbulence Commission: "FUJI spaces and other places" by Nurit Bar-Shai
Launch project

Appropriating, processing, and interweaving several existing webcam feeds of Mount Fuji, "FUJI" is a durational piece for four seasons. "FUJI" examinesthe authenticity of networked, spatiotemporal experiences of distant nature, sacred sites, and sacred icons. The overwhelming immediacy and delirious variety of live broadcasts available via the Internet, as well as the current incitement to communicate with distant but real subjects alter our experience of space which is invariably mediated through images. In "FUJI",the gap between the real place and its representation no longer exists. "FUJI" is a voyage across deep time, experienced minute by minute, day by day -- a longing for a place that could never be, yet, evidently, always is.