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Soundmuseum is the online museum for contemporary sound art. It opened online in 2008 and has over 200 sound art works in its collection. Every month, the museum features an exhibition in its gallery. The core of the museum is the depot, where you will find the full art collection.

A word by it's founders:
"For us, sound art is an extremely important art form that deserves its own internationally accessible museum.
Sound art takes you to new dimensions and uncharted territory. It enriches your experiences beyond what image can accomplish. In this fast-paced visual world we live in, we believe that it's important to stimulate the senses with sound.
Sound touches us in places where image can't reach. For us, sound art is like food; a healthy substance for the soul that inspires and warms and reassures.

Up until now, a place where people can experience all of this hasn't existed. With, we want to create that place; a place where an audience can listen to unique sound pieces in a peaceful virtual space, free from interruptions; a place that is accessible from anywhere in the world, where people can listen to original works, and where sound can rise above its visual surroundings."