launch Sensity by Stanza.

A series of artworks based on sensing the environment. The results are the visualisation and sonification of real time spaces.

Sensity artworks are made from the data that is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure. The sensors interpret the micro-data of the interactive city. The output from the sensors display the "emotional" state of the city online in real time and the information is also used to create offline installations and sculptural artworks.

Several artworks have been made, and several new physical cities are in development for 2009.

These artworks represent the movement of people, pollution in the air, the vibrations and sounds of buildings. They are in effect emergent social sculptures visualizing the emotional state of the city.

The sensor networks can be moved from urban to rural setting, ( ie they are mobile) and different types of visualization can be made depending on the environment. Sensity is an open social sculpture that informs the world and creates new meaningful experiences.

Sensity is also a highly technical project that gives vast amounts of information about the fabric of our cities. By embedding the sensors like this we can re-engage with the urban fabric and enable new artistic metaphors within city space. The sensors are positioned across the city. Custom made software now enables these sensors to communicate will one another in a network over a proxy server in real time. Control to the hardware is opened up.

The data is also used to create visualizations in an open source environment. Other online users can also re- interpret the data and interrogate the various sensors in the network as this is open sourced as well (see xml streams). Representations of these data sets will allow unique understanding of the urban environment and environment in real time.

Motes are used to collect the data. The 'motes' are tiny wireless sensor boards that gather data and communicate to the central server. The real world is monitored and the data stored in my archive retrieval system. Motes and sensor boards sense the micro incidents of change in the weather, the noise traffic flows and people flows. The interactions of all this data, controlled via bespoke interfaces re-form and re-contextualise experiences in real time.

Sensity incorporates the holistic city system. The sense city is a city full of accumulated incidents; of love, abuse and death, fundamentally of change. The micro incidents of change in the weather, the noise traffic flows and people flows are all potential sources for inquiry. The archives of this data can be controlled via mixed up interfaces that can re-form and re-contextualise experiences in real time. A new city experience is resulting based on the mash up meta data from these multiple cities streams.

Sensity leverages these real time data city and represents it online, showing the life of the system, opening up the system, and the publishing emerging changing bahaviours of the space.

As all things becomes connected and networked, this concept will be become a system that senses not just the city but the whole world. Eventually sensors will be linked to give a real time global visualization.

~ Public domain data resource for art and environmental monitoring.

~ The data is the medium.

~ Artworks using data from the real time environment.