P!R4T3_ P0RN0_ M4T3R!AL (NSFW)

P!R4T3_ P0RN0_ M4T3R!AL

Problemizing Porn Reading and Consumption…..
[appropriation] via “save as”+ screen-capturing / [remixxxing] via
databending >>> [producing]
&& [problemizing] distribution and consumption {of porn} via dirty new
media DIY practices
focusing on professional and amateur players in the realm of cyber sex
&& pornography, the various (sub)-realities
canalized&connected&&defined by communication toolz & peculiar
languages influenced by the ever growing and dynamic and and
shapeshifting inter(net)worked
social/political//economical///technological scenarios.
"I wished to make porn loops accessible via URL (browser) and QR-Code (stickers) for tablet and smartphone screens, the new peep show digital mobile devices, approaching gifs as Stan Brakhage approached films and approach porn as Lasse Braun did it producing film loops but, this is not the golden age of porn, Red Link District, as well as Pirate Porno Material 1&&2, are gif loops from the dark age of porn.
Thoughts about pornography….."

More links to his work and who is Dom Bara

P!R4T3 P0RN0 M4T3R!AL from d0/\/\3/\/!C0_b4RRA on Vimeo.