Controlling_Connectivity (online performance)

Art Laboratory Berlin is pleased to invite you to participate in the online performance art piece and six week exhibition Controlling_Connectivity, by the Berlin based Australian artist Gretta Louw.

This project is interested in exploring the boundaries of the unconscious under today’s radically altered perception of time - and the role technology plays in this. The project combines the traditions of performance art, installation and video art with technology and psychology.

The artist plans to do a ten day on-site performance (isolated in the gallery space, using technological interfaces to be in contact 24/7 with the outside world) and display documentation in the subsequent exhibition. The focus will be on the notion of connectivity in relation to technology, the internet and social media.  During the performance the artist will be constantly available for online interaction with the public over a multitude of platforms. There will also be a number of special events such as web casts and interviews.. 
Selected events during the performance (CET= Berlin time):

02.11. 2011 - 12-13 hrs GMT (13-14 CET): google + hang out to mark the start of the performance.
03.11. 2011 - 19-21 hrs, CET: 30th birthday party online (google + hangout, twitter, facebook, skype).
04.11. 2011 - TBA: live skype chat with audience at Grace Exhibition Space performance art exhibition, Brooklyn.
10.11. 2011 - TBA: live skype chat with Flux Factory's monthly salon evening event, Flux Thursday.
11.11. 2011 - TBA: live discussion with Panoply Lab during their Conference of Work: Operations and Participations series on performance art.
12.11.2011 - 11-12 hrs Greenwich mean time(12-13 CET): google + hang out to mark the end of the performance.

Selected online venues:…
skype: controlling_connectivity

The artist Gretta Louw, who was born in South Africa and grew up in Australia, uses new media art as a form of psychological research in which the notion of the unconscious is examined by means of personality differences and interpersonal behaviors. The artist has lived in Japan and New Zealand and is currently based in Berlin.

Art Laboratory Berlin, a non-profit arts center was established as a platform for projects concentrating on the border between visual arts and related artistic and scholarly fields.
More information:

This project is made possible with a grant from the Karin Abt-Straubinger Stiftung