Dérive, networked interactive installation by François Quévillon, 2011-ongoing.

Dérive is a networked interactive installation that invites the public to explore 3D models of urban spaces that are transformed according to environmental data collected in real time on the Web. The installation is a work in progress that features 3D point clouds of various locations on Earth that are created by the use of photogrammetry and geomatic data. Information about local envrionmental conditions are transposed to the point clouds in order to visualize them : Point color defined by temperature and cloudiness, size by the local time related to sunrise and sunset, depth of field effect related to visibility, displacement depending on wind direction and velocity, etc. A video tracking interface enables the public to interact with a large scale projection.

In a time where the reality of urban territories hybridizes with the digital world, the installation uses fluctuating data provided by the network to translate the development of environmental, meteorological and astronomical phenomena affecting the locations shown at the moment of the public's experience. Connecting the actual and the virtual, Dérive inquires the phenomenology of mixed realities and probes into the changing nature of our perception and representation of the world.

More information, images and videos available at the following link: