ARTonRELATION Isidro López-Aparicio

It's a net-art project create by Isidro López-Aparicio and it's a creative art space for artists to meet and share.
It's shaped like a blog that always have in difference the distance between the two artists but it's build always in the same parameters. The different number of Km of distance on relation between two artists, two creative minds in different surrounds but Joint by a commune interest to think and built in creative terms a piece of art in it’s own relation. Their distance is their lack and their strength. This invisible kms line, that joint them is a link of possibilities and a commitment to built art in their social and physical environments. They challenge each other from creative parameters, on a platform base in the same distance of connexion with different coordenates, space, weather, surroundings, peoples, background....
Other artist that they just joint this project are Alain Ayers (Berngen, Norway), Gao Yuan (Beijin, China), Marcelo Legrand (Montevideo, Uruguay), Emilia Telese (Sussex, UK), Susana Serrano (Bormujos, Sevilla).
This is an open creative tool just with the only intention to motivated artist to share their creativity in an space taking advantage of the lack of the physical distance but finding this common space to find, challenge and develop creativity.