3.14159265358.org is an art and internet reflection's site. It also aims to be a place where experiments about contemporary art, Netart, and art plus politics converge. 3.14159265358.org is seen as a new place on the Internet, a neutral site, a crack where you can look at, in a ludic way.

3.14159265358.org it is also a pile of a personal log-book about art. In it you will find some ancient jobs, for example, works allowing us to think about Yves Klein’s emptiness and Malevich’s white on white, other works of conceptual nature with musical and political connotation, as well as works that develop the 8 bit’s theme. A large number of these works were made to be experienced by the audience in an intimate and private way. Works date back to the period between 2003 and 2009.

Author: Gonzalo Fernandez