Volcanic Chain

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Title : Volcanic Chain
Dimensions : 1280 X 800 pixels

File size: 2.31MB PNG format

I have determined my digital images view best in Gmail's "Terminal" theme. Look under "settings" then "Themes" to set your Gmail account to "Terminal". A black background really makes my images stand out. Makes a stunning desktop image too!

This is digital art and is therefore to be stored and viewed digitally, either as a cherished piece kept neatly tucked away within ones email account or copied to a larger display screen within ones home. You can print this digital painting on canvas or any other medium but the value and legal title is reserved for the email version of the work only.

Certificate of Authenticity:

I, the artist, hereby certify that this digital image - Volcanic Chain - was purchased by a recipient and sent to the email address digitalexhibit@gmail.com from my email address (see email "to/from" details) and that they are recognized by me as the sole official purchaser and owner of this digital image.

Your e-mail address will be permanently added to my records so if you wish to resell this digital image its uniqueness and authenticity can be verified.

All future transfers or resales must be confirmed by me, the artist, and documented in my records in order to be considered valid. This ensures the impossibility of forgeries. If you fail to inform us before or anytime after a transfer the exchange will not be recognized and you will remain the documented owner of the digital image. If you accidentally delete this image we will issue you an identical new one at no extra charge, however we strongly suggest that you remain on guard against accidental deletion since the date of delivery (recorded at the top of the e-mail) can effect and be an indication of your e-mail's value.

Many may be able to copy this digital painting but only you, through your unique emails address, are confirmed and recognized by the artist as the sole purchaser and owner of this digital work.

I hope your digital image is a joy to you for many years to come!