Fluxus 2010: International film festival on the internet

Submitted by net-art on Thu, 04/29/2010 - 18:30

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Both a product and a reflection of the technology of its times, Fluxus – International Film Festival celebrates the 10th anniversary of its first edition. Born in the environment of new technologies, under the signs of aggregation, portability, mobility, interaction and the democratic nature of the medium, Fluxus has been created in the hopeful atmosphere of the 2000's, which conceived the Internet as a promising channel to the audiovisual exhibition as well.

Now, in 2010, Fluxus proposes a new challenge to the cinema exhibition, joining the Internet and the Museum: Fluxus takes place simultaneously here in this website – fluxusonline.com – and at the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound (MIS-SP), where the Fluxus Gallery is installed. The Internet and the Museum challenge the spectator to see, to share and to pass through this flow of moving images.

The Fluxus Gallery, which will occupy the exhibition hall of MIS-SP until June 20th, provides the possibility of a collective exhibition space, a movie-oriented place composed by 12 screens, which allow the spectator to have simultaneous views of all the films in the Festival. Exclusively at the Fluxus Gallery, there is also a space devoted to a retrospective presenting 14 films of past editions of the Festival. Renowned artists have been invited to the event, such as Seoungho Cho, Anney Bonney, Anouk de Clercq and Cao Guimarães, among others.

The experience of the transposition of the festival from the conventional movie theaters to the Internet, and from the latter to the Museum, aims at bringing to the real world possibilities already found in the virtual universe. The visitor is able to move among screens, to choose which film to watch, to shift from one to another. Fluxus wants to extend the duration of a film festival, always so fast and urgent, so that, during these two months at MIS-SP, spectators will be able to take their time to watch, re-watch, and make their choices.

Moreover, in this website, no matter when and where, you will be able to watch the 40 films in competition. The website was developed to provide a friendly, sharing experience. There are 15 fictional movies, 14 animated movies, 7 experimental works and 3 documentaries. They have been produced in 14 countries and selected among 1,200 film applications for the Festival.

Besides of watching all films, the user logged into the website will have his or her own section, where he or she will be able to make favorite movie lists, to share a video, to give his or her opinion of a film and to vote on his or her favorite. Fluxus wants to go beyond the ephemerality of an event, becoming also a sharing place, a privileged space devoted to the cinema, to the art, to the moving images.