Tweeting Colors

Tweeting Colors is webpage comprised of vertical color bars created by special tweets from Twitter users. New bars are added from the left, pushing the existing arrangement to the right. Working with the Twitter feed is nothing new to A Feverish Dream, yet unlike Journal of the Collective Me or Ellsworth Kelly Hacked My Twitter, this piece allows the audience to directly manipulate the resulting visual. Anyone can view the piece, but a Twitter user can add bars by following these simple directions. The page auto-refreshes a few times a minute, so sit back and enjoy the Color Feed.

To participate in Tweeting Colors, simply post a tweet containing the following three elements:

* #afd (This is a tag acting as a filter. The "afd" stands for A Feverish Dream)
* a color name from the HTML color chart below. It is not case-sensitive, so you can use all caps or all lowercase.
* a number between 1 and 20, inclusive. This determines the width of the vertical band of color you're creating.

Your tweet should show up in the Color Feed within a minute.
Examples of acceptable tweets: #afd DARKRED 4 or deeppink 18 #afd or you can simply work these tags into a normal post: Cleaning out the blue garage today #afd 8