Tulse Luper Journey

Launch project

Investigate the 20th century through Tulse Lupers life. Tulse Luper is the lead character in an ambitious series of projects initiated by film director Peter Greenaway.
So far, the project includes three feature films, a series of DVD's, travelling exhibitions, books, publications and this online game produced by Submarine.
These are all part of a growing universe of stories, facts, fiction, history and drama based on the adventures of a man who spent most of his live as a prisoner - mistaken for someone important, a spy, a lover, an artist, a writer and an observer.

Set against the background of 20th century history, Tulses journey through life reads as a personal, subjective history of events and developments that shaped the world as we know it.

Greenaways statement that "cinema is dead" calls for new ways of communicating ideas. This game is part of the search for a crossover format that breaks the boundaries and rules that have been imposed by film, theatre, books, games and other traditional media.

Created by developers, artists and students from around Europe, The Tulse Luper Journey explores new boundaries of online interactive media.

Playing the game
After registering for free, you play a researcher who is working the investigation of the 92 suitcases Tulse Luper has packed during his life as a prisoner. Playing 92 different games and working together with other players in the game you can gather information on Tulse Luper, collect all the fragments of a 92 minute new feature movie and discuss your research in a global online community. Will your research reveal hidden secrets and new facts or will you find things that add new questions to the growing myth of Tulse Luper?

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