island.8081, a project of environmental life

Launch project

a project of environmental life
The ISLAND is an ideal environment made of different microenvironments such as the beach, the Mediterranean spot, the mountain, valleys etc. These represent the wishes of 8081 and find their unity in the digital ecosystem, which defines the research and evolution activity of the working team 80/81. is a project of experimentation on-line open to many different levels of development, concretised in the creation of an ideal ISLAND. 80/81 wants to propose a new kind of interface through this site-environment, open to different ways of utilization, artistic and commercial. Working on concepts like environment and immersivity means focusing the user’s attention not only on the content of the site but also on the user itself as a guest and part of the environment of the Island. represents the creation of an environment on the Internet, based on architecture of net and technologies, worth as a work (representative environment) and as a place that shelters events and contributions (collaboration platform).
The realization and the preservation of such a structure means a continuous work of reconstruction and planning
The immersivity is not always descriptive; it wants to be representative and evocational.