VIDEOHOLICA 2010 will present a series of video art projections and exhibitions and will make presentations of well-known international video art forums and honored video artists in parallel with discussions concerning video art topics.

The 3rd festival edition will pass under the KEEP THE ILLUSION ALIVE motto.

The 3rd edition of the VIDEOHOLICA INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL 2010 will take place in the period 10 – 17 August 2010 in Varna within the framework of the International Biennial for Visual Arts AUGUST IN ART.

In the process of increasingly stiffening economic spheres, multimedia, hyper realities and cybernetic culture, ‘the network of simulacra’ has become increasingly live phenomenon. High technologies, information, internet, clicking, downloading, setting commands, editing memories, cutting out dreams! The art sets the issue: "Shall we use all this, or shall we transform ourselves into very it?" The "hyper reality", thus created, dictates personality’s behavior, perception and consciousness, causing loss of subjectivity. The motto of this year's festival appeals to preserving one’s identity/ authenticity in the process of mass modification and unification of the individual. The term "illusion" is the subject of many cultural, sociological, religious, philosophical and psychological studies from the time of postmodernism, and continues to be a live issue, both with positive and negative connotations. In this sense, the conservation/ preservation of the unreal is a negation of the material world and a protest against the omnipotence of information, socio-cultural and politico-economic speculations.