File Prix Lux

January 11th to March 5th

This year, the artists, on registering their projects to take part in FILE 2010, will be competing for the FILE PRIX LUX prize.

FILE PRIX LUX was conceived to complement FILE's actions in the area of electronic and digital languages, with the intent of rewarding, motivating and stimulating the emergence of new talents. This new initiative by FILE intends, besides the exhibition and presentation of works, to add value to such manifestations, conferring to the awarded artists a national and international impact.

Since 2000, FILE - Electronic Language International Festival constitutes an international interdisciplinary platform for the development of innovative and creative projects in the area of arts and technologies. FILE is a cultural, nonprofit organization that promotes a reflection on the main themes of the global contemporary electronic-digital context, always in a transdisciplinary vision in the political complexity of our time's cultural universe.

Launch project

For ten years now, FILE has collaborated, through exhibitions and symposiums, with the aesthetic-technological development that the new electronic-digital languages offer to contemporary cultures, as well as it has positioned Brazil in the world context of those new trends. In 2010, FILE will accomplish a long-awaited objective: to award to some of the projects an international prize in money.

FILE PRIX LUX will grant seven prizes (first place, second place and five honorable mentions) to each of three categories, offering 21 prizes in money in the total amount of 285,000 reals.


1 INTERACTIVE ARTS: interactive arts include all research and experiments in the scope of art that use interactive media and have in mind the intersection

among art, science and technology, as well as the possible crossings with other disciplines, such as: installations, performances, internet projects, virtual reality, augmented reality, multitouch tables, digital objects, outdoor projections, projects for mobile phone, electronic graffiti, VRML, etc.

2 DIGITAL LANGUAGE: digital language includes all research and experiments in the ambit of the multiple disciplines that use digital media, as well as the possible intersections among them, that is: digital games (all modalities), animation (all modalities), digital movies, machinima, digital video, digital architecture, digital fashion, digital design, robotics, artificial life, biological art, transgenic art, software art, new interfaces, second-life performances, anime, hypertexts, non lineal scripts, artificial intelligence, digital pictures-panoramas, programming language, digital poetry, digital dance, etc.

3 ELECTRONIC SONORITY: electronic sonority includes all research and experiments in the scope of sound, therefore it has a wider extent than the confines of music, and is open to the possible transversalities with other disciplines, such as: sound performance, sound installations, sound art, genetic music, biological music, erudite electronic music, pop-electronic music, radio drama, radio-art, sonic landscape, sonic robotics, videomusic, sonic poetry, etc.

It is important to emphasize that the projects not contemplated with awards can also participate in the exhibition, if accepted by the judging committee, as in previous years.

To grant the prize, a judging commission will be created, composed of 6 jurors - 3 national and 3 international -, and there will be a popular vote in the FILE PRIX LUX site, which will indicate the winners among the prize nominees.

More details on the competition are foundin the regulation.