Launch project

Issue #34, winter 2009
ISSN: 2037-108X

Centerfold: '20.12.53 - 10.08.04' by Moira Ricci.

.Yes Men
.Janez Jansa
.Lieutenant Murnau
.Les Liens Invisibles

.False Files
.Too Good to Be True
.The Onion News Network

.Abandon Normal Devices .

.news: Tardigotchi, Pa++ern, Amatagana, Sk8monkey, Tim Tate's Reliquaries, Heavy Metal Moshpit, Pitch Control, scoreLight, STiMULiNE, SoleNoid beta, Pirate Kiosk, Netless, Can't You See I'm busy, 21st Century Home, Embroidered Text Messages.

..books/dvds: Lund/Audio.Visual, Minilogue/Animals The Movie, Mulder, Brouwer/Dick Raaymakers, Rainer, Rolling, Daniels, Ammer/See This Sound, Gilfillan/Pieces of Sound, Doctorow/©ontent, Castells/Communication Power, Sollfrank/Expanded Original, Turkle/Simulation and Its Discontents, Wasik/And Then There's This, Shanken/Art and Electronic Media, Hauser/SK-INTERFACES, Leopoldserer, Schopf, Stocker/The Network for Art Technology and Society, Arns, Ruyter, HKMV/Awake Are Only The Spirits, Harrison/Confessions of a Recovering Data Collector. .

.cd reviews: An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music, Autistici, Stephan Moore, Daphne Oram, Anne Laplantine, Tom Hamilton, Herbert Friedl, Gregg Kowalsky, Marcus Maeder, Denis Tricot, Eric Cordier, Mudboy, Gintas K, Audrey Chen + Robert Van Heumen, Robert Hampson, Jorge Haro, Yutaka Makino, EVOL, Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Sample, Noise Vs. Subversive Computing, Feeding the Transmitter.