Dr.Hugo Heyrman (((Motions of the Mind)))

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Museums of the mind, mortions of the mind, doctorhugo.com is a webiste with so much information that it is quickly becoming a major resource for net art enthusiasts. It contains theoretical texts such as History of the Internet and Critique of Net Art, as well as links to documentation of pieces that exist outside of the web. This website is close to becoming an institution on itself, which is not always a bad thing.
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Also hosts Belgian Synesthesia Association
# 'Art and Synesthesia' site of Dr. Hugo Heyrman, Ph.D. in Art Sciences. Are synesthetes people of the future? —to answer this question, and as a consequence of my scientific and artistic passion for Art and Synesthesia, I created this portal on Synesthesia, online since 1995 —to present relevant sources on the art & mind connection, theory, experiments and research on the future of the senses. Homepage of the 'Belgian Synesthesia Association' (BSA).
# Mission: To explore the multisensory interactions of synesthesia. To connect synesthetes and their synesthetic experience with interested non-synesthetes worldwide. To develop a synesthesia culture by connecting art and synesthesia. To promote study, research and understanding of synesthesia in educational, social, cultural and artistic contexts.