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In the name of science you are about to become a freak accident waiting to happen. His name is Dr. Doglin and you are the new volunteer at Preconstruction, his mysterious private clinic located inside a hotel. In a few seconds he will ask you to swallow a strange tablet and be hit by a very big truck. But first he would kindly like to ask you to practice in a wheelchair. Welcome to the clinically bizarre world of Hotel.

Hotel is the Hoogerbrugge’s first multiple narrative work. Using a spare visual vocabulary, and integrating the aural textures of ambient music, Hotel becomes a surreal interactive world pulsating with Freudian characters, shifting realities and altered states.
Each click should give you something worthwhile - a small surprise, something to think about, to laugh about. If it’s delicate you just need to touch it, or if it’s rude you need to click like a maniac because the animation is diabolic. As a guest of Hotel you are invited to take a journey through the twisting corridors of the human psyche as you explore the folly of mans greed and ambition. Enjoy your stay but remember: at Hotel check out can come when you least expect it.