Fuzzy Dreamz - 'A journey into the psychogeography of dreams'

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A net.art project from fear to fun, drama, love, desire and a sense of wonder.
The moving images, soundtrack and voices are forming a 'psycho-geography of dreams'. Work in progress since 1996.

Artist's statement: In our minds we have private virtual museums, silent places for our memories, imagination and dreams - a provocative linking of nightmares and fuzzy logic.

Description of the work: In the beginning was the dreaming. In dreams we cross the borders of time and space. Time and timing is the medium of life. Fuzzy Dreamz consists of flashes from a constructed human gaze that emanates warmth and privateness, a provocative linking of nightmares and fuzzy logic. The medium is the messenger, and no longer the message. I use the cinematic syntax of montage in relation to synaesthetic dream experiences to discover our collective memory (a myth is a public dream, a dream is a private myth). Fuzzy Dreamz brings us closer to 'who we are', 'what we want' and 'what we see with closed eyes'. The future never sleeps. . .