/ source / (postfactual), 2017

Invitation to see and hear:

1) The award-winning net art work
/ source / (postfactual), 2017
at http://www.staubrauschen.de/source/

Synopsis: In Timo Kahlen’s new interactive net art work / source / (postfactual) , 2017 - just awarded an Honorary Mention at the Junge Akademie’s and ZKM’s prize question “What’s the Net Listening To ?” (Was hört das Netz ?) - the viewer is invited to search for reliable sources, for valid ‘facts’ , nodes and information on the internet.

A seemingly void, monochrome white surface is all it shows; and frustrates the viewer with a mouse cursor, which is difficult to locate, to control and direct, as isolated potential ‘facts’ pop up in interaction with the cursor : appearing but distorted, head-over and uncomfortably remote, as if projected onto the reverse side of the computer screen. Accumulating alternative facts are accompanied by outbursts of sound and bustle, only to be quenched and extinguished shortly afterwards.

The work – which will need approximately one minute to load - is composed of multiple embedded layers of sound woven into a touch-sensitive visual projection. It is generated by the viewer – always different and always live -, depending on the relative position, movement, and speed, on eventual pauses or changes in direction of the mouse cursor moving across the touch-sensitive projection. Search, roll over, pause or click at the ‘empty’ white surface of the computer display with the mouse cursor to discover and discard potential facts in real-time.

Please turn on your speakers or headphones and enable Flash Player in your browser or on your laptop. The work is not visible on Android and iOS (both without Flash compatability).

2) The exhibition in Berlin
Timo Kahlen : Katharsis
Sound scultures and moving images
June 25 to Juli 30, 2017
every Sunday 12 –18 h
Free entry

Invitation to the opening of the exhibition
on Sunday, June 25, 2017
from 12 – 18 h

Ruine der Künste Berlin
Hittorfstr. 5, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem
U3 Thielplatz / Freie Universität

Timo Kahlen: Money I’ve Burnt for Art, 2009 – 2016. Series of photographs of burnt invoices and receipts, glass jars with conserved ashes. Copyright Timo Kahlen / VG Bild-Kunst 2017

3) Timo Kahlen’s most recent interactive net art work / unstable /, 2017,
released online in conjunction with the above exhibition at the Ruine der Kuenste Berlin
at http://www.staubrauschen.de/unstable/

/ unstable /, 2017 is an intuitive 'game' without rules. Again, it confronts the viewer with nothing more than an ‘empty’, white display; and with a cursor that is uncomfortably vague, inconsistent and difficult to locate.

Search, roll over, pause or click at the monochrome white display with the mouse cursor to generate the work from multiple embedded layers of sound, woven into a touch-sensitive visual projection. The work develops individually and is generated - always different and new - with various and chance-generated outcomes, depending upon the position, movement and speed of the cursor, on eventual pauses and changes in direction, on the pace and timing of the viewer.

Both the embedded fragments of sound as well as the minimal visual notations seem to react to the viewer's input in real time; yet arise, shift, reorganize, dissolve and fade in the next instant, as the viewer loses control of the cursor and the game.

For speakers or headphones. Requires Flash Player. Please enable Flash in your browser or on your laptop. The work will need approximately a minute to load. Be patient. Not visible for Android and iOS (both without Flash compatibility).